BackBlast The Chopper @ Vets Digiorno Q #mindset #F3Counts

First Q at The Chopper. YHC loves to come out to this AO. It has alot of energy.

Digiorno Q
12 PAX: Escort, PK, Kilo, Tony Malito, Macafee, Weedwacker, Zima, Meatball, Plumbob, Fridge, Jitterbug, Digiorno Q
Conditions: Moist, muggy, great day to get better.
We circled up around the seal.
15 Grass Grabbers IC
Downward dog
Runner’s stretch (Macafee 🤦🏼)
10 Merkins IC
15 Saturday Nights IC
15 Copperhead Squats IC
Mosey to the big parking lot
Thang 1:
On all fours…
15 Forward right arm lifts
15 side right arms lifts
15 forward left arm lifts
15 side left arm lifts
15 fire hydrants right leg
15 donkey kicks right leg
15 fire hydrants left leg
15 donkey kicks left leg
Repeato 1 more time 10 ct each
Thang 2:
Count off
Break into 4 groups
Groups stay together and push each other
4 corners
25 each station, BearCrawl between stations when you see the cone that says Bear
Flutter Kicks IC
PAX completed 3 rounds
Mosey back to picnic table area
Thang 3:
Grab a partner
P1: AMRAP Dips
P2: 15 Plank Jack’s IC
4 minutes left we ended with this
PAX completed 4+ rounds

Time was called.

Back to the flag.
Rucks, Charities, etc.
Big Ups to all that were involved in planning the convergence last Saturday. 80 PAX changed their Mindset to become better that day. Truly amazed but never surprised by this incredible group of HIM.
Intentions and Praise
Thank you all.
Go out and keep a positive mindset. You never know who is watching you and who you will influence.

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