Pre-Blast – The Nest on 04/27/2019!

My body hates me today.

I’m not sure if Fungi, Fergie or Big Bird is to blame after posting at their Qs this week.  The only cure I’ve ever found is to just keep showing up in the gloom because when your whole body hurts vs. just one muscle group your body is so confused it doesn’t let you focus on the pain.  I hope you have the same feeling and enough courage to push through the pain to join me at The Nest tomorrow for another dose.

As a little hint, the weinke is planned and is centered around an event that took place in 1937.  So, be ready.  For those interested, I think the 2.0s should be able to partake if they’re man enough to give it a shot – I know Fun Dip can’t wait.

Jolly Rancher

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