As you’ve probably heard by now, St.Pat’s is a great site for our next AO but is challenging due to hills. I wanted to take full advantage of that yesterday and I believe we did. Here is a list of those that came out and threw down:



Nice and Slow







Tony Malito


Uncle Rico

Hot Wheels


Here’s the workout:

Mosey up to the top lot near the playground for a warm-up:

20 x SSH(IC)

20 x Mountain Climbers(IC)

20 x Plank Jacks(IC)

Kendra Newmans(OYO)

Stretching – Downward Dog, Right over Left, Left over Right

Main Set:

We moved over to the parking area directly in front of the playground and partnered up. Partner 1 ran down the hill and back up(probably .25+ miles round trip or close) while Partner 2 started on reps of the following list:

150 HR Merkins

100 Pullups

100 Burpees

50 Bobby Hurleys

50 Big Boi’s

This hill isn’t a normal hill and smoked us all by the time we got through the pullups. Additionally, Nice and Slow is a beast on hills and running in general and he pushed the pace on the first several hills which put us both at maximum intensity. Shout out for getting after it, N&S. I wouldn’t have pushed that hard without someone else there to push with.  I can honestly say everybody got after it and got better. I believe Nino and Chapo got through the set first as a team so props to them as well. Beastmode.

In the midst of it all, we welcomed an FNG, Latex. Hope that guy comes back! I saw he joined Slack today so I like our chances. As an aside, I forgot to mention to him about Slack which is a huge faux paux. Slack is critical to looping guys in. Fortunately, Malito picked up the “slack” and got him on there. Thank you, sir.

We finished with intentions and announcements. Announcements: A-Olympics on 5/18(sign-up now!), May Ruck Event on 5/24 in St. Matt’s and Custom Go Ruck in October.

I finished COT by reiterating that this is more than a workout. I encouraged the PAX to follow @f3Qsource on Twitter and read about the Get Right and Live Right philosophies. I continue to be amazed and motivated by the content on there and I have truly started to implement a lot of what is said in the weekly messages into my own life. My message was from Live Right and the idea of servanthood. I shared with the PAX that I personally push for goals personally and professionally and I often think of myself first. I’m now making an effort to put others first and transition into helping others succeed first. So far this has been very rewarding. As a result, I challenged the PAX to find 5 opportunities as they went out in to their days to add a compliment and/or positive reinforcement to somebody in their lives.

I hope everyone got better. Thanks HIM’s for coming out and allowing me to sharpen as well. I look forward to the next time I see each of  you ITG.



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