WOOF its really hard to be out of the gloom because of injury.  I will no longer take it for granted, I need F3 far more than it needs me.  That being said, i knew if i were the Q for bigMO i could design a weinke which would only work upper body with no running so not to aggrivate my injured foot.  Full disclosure I’m not sure what happened to it, I just know that it hurts really bad and Huggies told me to stay off of it for a couple weeks.











Rhi Rhi


Tae Bo FNG


Disclaimer given some brief stretches followed by an extremely unprofessional explaination of each station.

Super set Lifting Circuit with the change timer being a sandbag toss back and forth to your partner.

Set 15 Squat curls (kettlebell)
Set 15 each Standing KB curl

Set 15 Dumbbell Bench press
Set 15 Dumbbell merkin rows

Set 15 Dumbbell standing shoulder press
Set 15 Dumbell Sitting Arnold press

Set 20 Sandbag toss. 2 pax

Set 15 Bar curls
Set 15 Dumbbell skull crusher

Set 15 Dumbbell Bent over lateral raise
Set 15 Weight plate upright row

Set 15 weighted V up
Set 15 weighted hammers




Named our FNG, TaeBo.  I coach TaeBo’s daughter in softball.  He is some color belt of really good jujitsu.  See, my dedication to HL him went so far that i agreed to go to a jujitsu class if he came out to F3.  Fair trade?  Maybe, ill do a BB for the jujitsu class.  Ill probably regret it when he’s got me in a choke hold, asleep on a padded mat.  Welcome TaeBo.

Honor your mother!




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