BB – Sweaty Gears Trail Ride 5.14.19 – Escort Q

7 showed for the first Sweaty Gears Cherokee trail ride Tuesday night.  Glenn Ross, Tea Party, Paw Paw, Scuba Steve, Escort, and two guys that I work with (Dan and Chris).  Trails were in great shape and the weather was perfect.

We started from the basketball courts at Seneca at 7 pm sharp.  We hit the connector trail around Seneca golf course, then got to all of the sections in Cherokee Park.  We did about 8 miles of trails and ended back at the parking lot around 8:30.  The pace was pretty modest, and we always took the time to wait on the six.

It was a lot of fun.  I hope that more join us next time.  The trails at Cherokee are a great asset to the city of Louisville.  Every time I go on them I am amazed that more people don’t take advantage of them.  We plan to do it again next week, and we’ll keep it going on Tuesday nights throughout the summer.



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