BackBlast for “The Clock Watcher” at The Ruiner 6/1/19

Q’s: Captain Insane-o & Diablo

Q’s Wearing 20 LB Weighted Vests: Captain Insane- O and Diablo

PAX: Tron, OJ, Vincent, Tammy Faye Baker, Liberace, Pope, Trump, Slinky Dog, Glen Ross, Digiorno, Wait Time (DR), Captain Insane-o, Diablo

INTRO: The Ruiner is the Alpha of F3 Louisville workouts. There’s also something special about The O at 0700 on a Saturday morning. The sunlight; the access to the half-pipe; memories of the early days when it was the only game in town. It was thus only fitting that we decided to use The Ruiner as our first co-Q and to unload the kitchen sink of thangs that absolutely suck, but that absolutely make you better. Capping it off, we had F3 Omaha’s Nan’tan Wait Time with us, a great dude who also happens to be a Louisville area native. We were pleased to provide him some thangs to take back to Huskerland.

Before we get into the workout, let’s travel back to how this came to be:

That’s how the sausage is made at F3Louisville.

Conditions: 62*. Perfect. Dewey AF, though.

Gear: those weighted vests.

Captain Insane-O led it off with a disclaimer and the Thunder, directing the PAX to pick up coupons for a mosey over to the half-pipe. CI then circled PAX up for COP.


SSHs (20 IC)

Grass Grabbers (15 IC)

Imperial Walkers (20 IC)

Abe Vigodas (15 Slow IC)

Things then got real, as CI told the PAX to partner up for some halfpipe / coupon work.

Thang 1 – DORA on the Halfpipe

Each team had to complete 100 curls, 200 thrusters, and 300 merkins. The “break” from the coupon work was for one team member to run the full length of the halfpipe while the other partner worked.

That may have been the longest 27 minutes in recorded time. Woof. But, the halfpipe at The O is one of the gems of F3 Louisville.

After that, CI handed the reigns off to Diablo, who brought the Lightening.

Thang 2

The PAX remained partnered up and moved the coupons over to the basketball courts. How was this accomplished you ask? P1 moved the coupons Louisville Honeypot style – that’s a bear crawl with the coupon. P2 performed 20 single count plank jacks before relieving P1 from the coupon and taking over the Honeypot. Rinse & repeat, over & over. This movement continued until the PAX and the coupons reached the basketball court.

It was here that someone mumbled that he was just staring at his watch wanting it to end. Another PAX muttered, “Yeah, this is a clockwatcher for sure.” Your not-so-humble Q’s took this as a compliment and will henceforth deem this workout “The Clockwatcher.”

Thang 3

After that, Thang 3 just became a full body thrashing on the basketball court.

*Part 1

PAX again partnered up for:

Partner 1 10 big boy sit ups, hands behind head.

Partner 2 holds partner’s feet in plank position.

Switch, rinse & repeat (3x).

That was 30 old school big boy sit-ups mixed in with some prolonged planking.

*Part 2

With same partners, PAX lined up at baseline. P1 AMRAP deep body squats. P2 broad jumped full length of the basketball court, down and back. Switch, rinse & repeat (2x). (Broad jumps = underused, full body destroyer.)

*Part 3

PAX circled up for a variation on our normal Mary finisher.

Flutter kicks (20 IC)

Plank work

Merkins (10)

T-Merkins (10)

Rosalitas (15 IC)

V-ups (15)

And with that, PAX again picked up the coupons and returned them home as we moseyed back to the flag.


PAX circled up for COR, NOR, announcements and intentions. Diablo thanked the Sky-Q for the health and ability to get out and do what we do.

Thanks to all those who got out for this one.

Captain Insane-O


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