BackBlast- Meter Maid Q @ North Posh 6-3-2019

It was a beautiful morning to Q with temperatures in the 50s. As I had promised in my preblast, I delivered on running, hills and merkins. It was a true face melter.

PAX: Seabiscuit, Little Jerry (R), Speed Bump, Viking (minus beard), Dunphy, Catfish, Abacus and Meter Maid (Q)

Gave disclaimer and moseyed to the Miles Lake covered area.

COP- SSH 30 IC, Grassgrabbers 15 IC, 1 minutes of box jumps and Runner’s Stretch

We moseyed back to the start for THANG 1.

THANG 1: Last man up with a 20 pound medicine ball

THANG 2: Hill work with merkins and mountain climbers

I had setup four sets of cones on the switch back hill. At the cones in the middle, you completed 20 Merkins and at the start/stop cones you completed 20 Mountain Climbers (single count). We rinsed and repeated for the majority of the workout. A few like Viking even took the 20 pound medicine ball along for the ride. We then moseyed back to the start.

THANG 3 – Clockwork and Jump Rope

Partner one does clock work (10 Merkins on the curb in four directions – north, east, south and west). Partner 2 did the jump rope until Partner 1 completed the clockwork. Partners then switched.

We had a few minutes left for Mary.

Flutter Kick 20 IC, Pickle Pounders 10 IC and Preacher Sit-ups OYO.

By the end, I know a few of the PAX likely completed 3 miles and over 300 Merkins.

COR, Announcements, NOR, Intentions and Closing Prayer

I am always humbled to lead this group of HIMs.

-Meter Maid

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