3rd County F3 Dads WO

We started bringing out our 2.0’s for a 30 min evening workout. The 3 of us that have had the honor of Q’ing have had our 2.0’s involved in planning the Weinke as well as leading the Pax. The idea is to help them grow with us both Physically as well as develop leadership skills at an early age.

26 showed up to get better

Weather was warm and humid with the threat of severe weather. After quick welcome and disclaimer, we moseyed to the front of the school and circled up.

SSH IC x 15

Slow Grass Grabbers IC x10

Downward dog, runners stretch, warrior pose 10 sec

Pretzel Hug (2.0 original) 10 sec

Reverse plank walkout (2.0 original) IC x10

Ironman (2.0 original) IC x10

Mosey around church to main lower lot

3 sets of cones with 10m b/w 1and 2 and 25m between 2and 3.

Bear Crawl to cone 2; Marios to cone 3; 10 Superman Merkins; AYG back to cone 1

Crab Walk to cone 2; Bernie Sanders to cone 3; 10 squats; AYG back to cone 1

Reverse Crab Walk to cone 1; Karaoke to cone 3; 5 Burpees; AYG back to cone 1

10 T Merkins.

Thunder in the distance – Circle up for Mary

Freddie Murcurys

Cross Crunch (LBC)

Dying Cockroaches (Thanks Alexa for the proper Lexicon)

Pickle Pounders

Gas Pumps

Count-Arama; Name-Arama

Welcome 2.0 FNG’s x 6


Storm Trooper – Hawkeye

Metermaid – The Boot and Petunia (FNG)

Big Bird – Whoopi and The GOAT

Pelican – Prime Time (FNG), Cookie Monster (FNG)

– Titan ( FNG)

Back Flop – Super Soaker


Alexa – Echo and Elle Woods

Pew Pew – Double Dutch (FNG)

Gremlin – Crayola (FNG)

Kimble Q – Radar Q

– Aquaman


Intentions for 2.0’s to respect and listen to their parents and parents to listen to their 2.0’s

Crock Pot and Fungi’s 2.0s to get better

Go home and do something positive this week.

It was an honor to have my 2.0 work along with me to lead this group of PAX and their 2.0’s. All left better than when they arrived.

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