4 Corners at the Bridge 6.5.19 BB

I put a lot of thought into my Q yesterday at the BlackOps at St. Patrick’s so I’m not going to lie, my creative juices were a little depleted when I started putting together this WO for the Bridge. Nonetheless, I put something together & I was pleased to see 11 PAX show up despite a forecasted 75% chance of thunderstorms at 0530.

Conditions: 70 degrees with 70% humidity


  1. Retainer
  2. Gypsy
  3. Airball
  4. Maxi
  5. Nice & Slow
  6. Huggies
  7. Jitterbug (R)
  8. Bob Ross
  9. Deep Dish
  10. Dynomite
  11. Mr. Kotter
  12. Nino (QIC)

I gave the disclaimer informing the PAX I am not a professional, I’ve received no professional training, everything I say is a suggestion so please modify as needed, & we were off on a mosey to the far right side of the Egg Lawn where we circled up in a parking lot for COP.


  • Kendra Newmans
  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) SSH

I then began explaining The Thang as we walked over to the Egg Lawn.

The Thang: 4 Corners

I constructed a field of 4 Corners with the sidelines being 100 yards in length & the end lines being 50 yards in length (a football field). A specific exercise was designated to each Corner that we’d continue to do each time around, but the number of reps increased by 5 each time around. Upon completion of the exercise at each Corner we either Bernie Sanders (on the sidelines) or Bear Crawled (on the end lines) the first half of the way. At each half way point we did a designated number of Burpees & then ran the second half of the way. The goal was to complete 5 Rounds & there was some additional work outlined for any early finishers (which there wasn’t).


Corner 1: Jump Squats

  • Round 1: 15
  • Round 2: 20
  • Round 3: 25
  • Round 4: 30
  • Round 5: 35

Corner 2: Merkins

  • Round 1: 15
  • Round 2: 20
  • Round 3: 25
  • Round 4: 30
  • Round 5: 35

Corner 3: Big Boy Sit-Ups

  • Round 1: 15
  • Round 2: 20
  • Round 3: 25
  • Round 4: 30
  • Round 5: 35

Corner 4: Carolina Dry Docks

  • Round 1: 15
  • Round 2: 20
  • Round 3: 25
  • Round 4: 30
  • Round 5: 35

At 0605 I called time, we gathered the cones, lights, etc. & moseyed back to the flag getting there about 0610 where we did some Mary to finish things off.


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
    • June Ruck Event: Capture the Flag is Friday 6.14.19 with the live drawling of teams on Friday 6.7.19…HC now!
  • Intentions

I thanked the PAX for coming out this morning letting them know how much I appreciated it. I asked that the SkyQ give us the strength & courage to be the men needed in our homes & community.

Nino out.

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1stF Q for F3Louisville

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