Back Blast – The Ruiner 6/8 – Vincent Q

I was prepared for rain Saturday morning and there were drops hitting the windshield on the way to Seneca but by the time I arrived, the rain had stopped and terrain was for the most part dry.  3 HIM’s joined me for a lot of variety and a solid workout – Pope, Glen Ross and Tammy Faye Baker all got better Saturday AM.

Mosey to Tennis courts for warm-up – basic stuff all to get prepped for the Thang

#1.  Mosey to Cogan’s corner which I renamed Merkin Mountain.  20 merkins at the top then run to the bottom of the hill and back up.  40 merkins then 2 laps down and back. 60 merkins and 3 laps down and back.  80 merkins then 4 laps down and back followed by 100 merkins to cap it off.  That’s 300 merkins total for those in the challenge.

#2. We ran down Beals Branch then up to the softball field by the tennis courts.  We started at the outside the edge of the dirt with 20 Scissor lung/ squat jack combos then bear crawled to the outfield fence and then moseyed back to the start.   Next set, 20 bobby hurley’s and bear crawled out the fence.  Third, 15 static lunges on each leg followed by another bear crawl. Last, 10 single leg dead lifts on each side and you guessed it – bear crawl to the fence.

#3.  The group moseyed back to the playground for 10 pull ups followed by 20 swing set crunches (hands on the ground, ankles on a swing and pull your knees to chest then back to straight).  We repeated each twice.

#4.  We finished up with some core work – various plank exercises, Davinci, V-Ups, Freddy Merc’s and flutter kicks.

Name-O-rama and COT for announcements and intentions and we wrapped up with the Pledge of Allegiance for a belated honoring of the 75th anniversary of D-day.  It was a small group but a good one and I was honored to lead the day.  Until next time – SYITG.


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