6/25 B.B. The Rooster @ The Mutt

Pax:  Glen Ross, Wham-O, Blueprint, Duece, Sump-Pump, Mouth, Geppetto, Snowman, Noxeema Jackson, Tureen, Larry Flint, Zoo, Plumb Bob, Cow Bell, me (Q)

Conditions:  Delightful weather

Gear:  Shoes, shoes, shirt

Due to the lack of props, lights, signs, or custom tee shirts I was accused of mailing this Q in.  But truth is, I empowered the pax this morning.  In true foreman style I delegated exercises giving power back to the masses.

Honestly, I didn’t have time to plan much but wanted the morning to be simple and tough.  A you-vs-you challenge

Thing 1: A game of 21

We line up at the end of the newest parking lot in front of HT.  I Placed cones about 50 yards  away.  We did 20 merkins ran to the cones did 1 big boy sit-up.  Ran back to the end of the lot and did 19 merkins.  Ran back to cones did 2 sit-ups.  Repeated these exercises thru…18-3, 17-4, 16-5, 15-6, 14-7, 13-8, 12-9, 11-10, 10-11, 9-12, 8-13, 7-14, 6-15, 5, 16, you get the picture.

Thing 2:  Power to the Pax

We jogged over to the side/back lot, lined up as a group on the line of the last parking spot, one person called out a exercise, everyone else did the exercise while the one guy ran across the lot and back.  We got through 7-8 guys calling out a exercise then running across the lot.

The crew felt empowered and together.  There was an incredible feeling in the air.  True team building exercise.

Last Thing:

Zoo led us through 10 Catalina wine makers.  After the 8th, it was almost like we were moving as one.  Poetry in motion!

I had a blast working out with everyone this morning!  I thought it was tough so hopefully you feel the same.  As always, it’s an privilege to lead this group of men at 5:30am!

We circled up

gave intentions

I ended with a brief message.

It was a great morning!

Until next time…

Peace Out,



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