B.B. The Blender @ The Mutt

Pax: Pope, Glen Ross, Motor Boat, Violet, Backdraft, Zima, Wham, Digiorno, me (Q) Conditions: 12 degrees; felt like 2 Gear: Base layer, fleece lined joggers, sweatshirt, gloves, toboggan, socks, Asics gel Dominating the paddle court until 11pm last night left little time to plan this morning’s workout. However, I wasn’t worried, I figured whatever knuckleheadsContinue reading “B.B. The Blender @ The Mutt”

B/B 1/27 Monday B/O @ The O

24 Pax:  CI, GR, Busch, Sump Pump, PED, Fergie, Pork Chop, Airplane, Blueprint, Trump, Frankenbaby, Pope, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Fridge (Q) Conditions:  Dark This workout was in honor of Kobe Bean Bryant: 5:30 – gave disclaimer and we off to the basketball courts we went. Thing 1:Continue reading “B/B 1/27 Monday B/O @ The O”

B.B. 11/5 The Rooster @ The Mutt

Pax:  Wham-O (R), Deuce, Geppetto, Plumb Bob, Tiger, Tureen, Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Larry Flint, Wind Shield, No Show, Fall Guy (R), Old Bay, PED, Draper, Meatball, Lionel, Fridge (q) Conditions:  44 degrees, cloudy, slight rain at 6:15am Gear:  Shorts, long sleeves, shoes It was a great morning at The Mutt.  We had a great crewContinue reading “B.B. 11/5 The Rooster @ The Mutt”

B.B. 10/18/2019 B/O @The Mutt

Pax:  PED, Glen Ross, Fridge Conditions:  Brisk Gear:  Layered up and running kicks Another Friday, another B/O @ The Mutt. We ran 3-4 laps around the path and school.   During each lap we stopped at three different stations. Station 1:  Coupon work/arms (Coupon Garden) Station 2:  Legs (Front of School) Station 3:  Core (Playground) WeContinue reading “B.B. 10/18/2019 B/O @The Mutt”

B.B. 8/27 The Loco @ The County

Pax (15):  Wildflower, Alexa, Double Down, Peach, Jolly Rancher, Kimble, Crock Pot, Dutch Oven, PewPew, Abacus, Brown Water, Cratchit, Gilligan, Jerry Maguire, me (Q) Conditions:  Slight breeze, cool…Perfect Gear:  Shorts, tee, kicks If you haven’t worked out at The County you should head that way soon.  It’s a great spot that offers many different workouts.  I appreciateContinue reading “B.B. 8/27 The Loco @ The County”

Pre-Blast 8/27/19 The Loco @ The County

I’ve got my overnight bag packed and my GPS ready for my trip to Q at The County tomorrow morning.  I’m stoked for my 1st Q outside Jefferson County so join me in the AM!  We will keep moving and put in work.  Plan on upper, core, and lower body work.  Feel free to bring gloves.   -FridgeContinue reading “Pre-Blast 8/27/19 The Loco @ The County”

B.B. 8/20 Bag of Wrenches @ The O

Pax (12):  Busch, Glen Ross, Pope, Trump, Paris, Wham, Violet, Digiorno, Pit Stop, Vincent, Butcher, Me (Q) Conditions:  Africa Hot Gear:  Kicks, shorts, tee 5:30am:  I introduced  myself and gave the disclaimer. Warm-up: We moseyed around the tennis courts, then entered the court closest to the flag.  SSH’s, Grass Grabbers, Kendrick Newmans, & Downward dogContinue reading “B.B. 8/20 Bag of Wrenches @ The O”

B.B. 8/16 Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Pax (21):  Plumb Bob, Zima, Sump Pump, Rih Rih, Geppetto, Fergie, Glen Ross, Grinder, Pork Chop, OJ, Jolly Rancher, Noxeema Jackson, Viking, Le Pew, Dauber, Chestnut, Kimble, Sandtrap, Dynomite, Deep Dish, & me (Q) Conditions:  Pleasant Gear:  Shorts, Mutt field day tee, kicks, oh & new Hanes athletic boxer briefs.  Highly recommend these.  They felt great. Continue reading “B.B. 8/16 Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

B.B. 7/27/19 The Hurt @ The Mutt

  Pax:  Bill Dance, Big Papi, Sump Pump, Pepperoni, Tiger, Geppetto, Busch, Soft Top, Plumb Bob, Messi, Trump, Wham-O, Corn Bread, Rey-Rey, Tureen, Glen Ross (Q), Fridge (Q) Conditions:  Pleasant Gear:  Shorts, Tee, Hat, & Kicks After almost 2 years of planning and testing equipment Glen Ross and I didn’t disappoint with this W/O.  Thanks for all the feedback from PAXContinue reading “B.B. 7/27/19 The Hurt @ The Mutt”

6/25 B.B. The Rooster @ The Mutt

Pax:  Glen Ross, Wham-O, Blueprint, Duece, Sump-Pump, Mouth, Geppetto, Snowman, Noxeema Jackson, Tureen, Larry Flint, Zoo, Plumb Bob, Cow Bell, me (Q) Conditions:  Delightful weather Gear:  Shoes, shoes, shirt Due to the lack of props, lights, signs, or custom tee shirts I was accused of mailing this Q in.  But truth is, I empowered theContinue reading “6/25 B.B. The Rooster @ The Mutt”

5/9 BB The Extender @ The Mutt

Pax: Busch, Backdraft, Wham-O, Mouth, Glen Ross, Deuce, Tiger, Zima, Yogi, Digiorno, Mad Cow, PED, Meatball, me (Q) Conditions: 63 degrees with pleasant breeze Gear: Capris, Tank, Birkenstock Sandals 5:30am: Gave disclaimer then Mosey around school to big parking lot. Warm-up: SSH, Kendrick Newman’s, Downward Dog Everyone went to get coupons. Thing 1: Partner UpContinue reading “5/9 BB The Extender @ The Mutt”

B.B. – 4/25 The Extender @ The Mutt

Pax:  Digiorno, Old Bay, Busch, Tureen, Wham, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Zoolander, Tiger, Cow Bell, Yogi, Zartan, Water Boy, Fridge (Q) Conditions:  Cloud & 58 – Perfect Gear – Shorts, Shoes, Shirt, & Hat 5:30am – Disclaimer, no FNG’s, mosey around school to large parking lot.. Warm-up:  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog leg stretch &Continue reading “B.B. – 4/25 The Extender @ The Mutt”

B.B. 2/27 The Blender @ The Mutt

11 Pax:  Backdraft, Wham, Busch, Sump Pump, PED, Left Eye, Glen Ross, Blueprint, Messi, Larry, Flint:  Q – Fridge Conditions:  39 degrees, no wind, quite pleasant Gear:  Pants, sweatshirt, shoes At 5:30 I gave the disclaimer we proceeded to the big parking lot. Warm Up:  SSH’S, Grass grabbers, Kendrick Newmans, & 15 merkins Thing 1:  Three w/oContinue reading “B.B. 2/27 The Blender @ The Mutt”

Back Blast 12/15 The Hurt @ The Mutt

Pax:  Loco, Wham-O, Snowman, Sump-Pump, Windshield, Deuce, & Fridge (Q) Conditions:  47 degrees, sunny, and dry (Always sunny at the Mutt) Gear:  Air Force Ones, pants, shirt I gave the disclaimer and we took off around the school to the big parking lot for warm-ups. Warm-ups:  Side Straddle hops, Grass Grabbers, & Kendrick Newman’s. ThingContinue reading “Back Blast 12/15 The Hurt @ The Mutt”

BackBlast 11/7/2018 The Blender @ The Mutt

Pax:  Busch, Fergi, Glen Ross, Cow Bell, Maize, Sump Pump, Blueprint, Zima, Fridge (Q) Conditions:  40 degrees; cloudy Disclaimer – Not a professional; modify if needed; asked if there were any FNG’s As a group we took a short mosey around the school. Warm-up:  Grass grabbers, downward dog, and Kendrick Newman’s Thing 1:  Partnered up –Continue reading “BackBlast 11/7/2018 The Blender @ The Mutt”

Backblast: The Rooster @ The Mutt 8/28/18

Writing this backblast proved to be harder than my Q. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of overwhelming support I had when car after car pulled into the lot.   Thank you to the 30 PAX that showed up!  I will never forget the great (also nervous) feeling I had seeing you fellas at 5:30am! My analogContinue reading “Backblast: The Rooster @ The Mutt 8/28/18”

Back Blast from 6/13 The Blender at The Mutt

It was good…or bad…I’m still unsure. But it was a blast! I was a little slow with cadence and not totally clear on exercise instructions.  But that is to be expected leading a group of dedicated men for the first time.  Truth be told I was nervous! One of many things I’ve learned from F3: Getting better isContinue reading “Back Blast from 6/13 The Blender at The Mutt”