B.B. 8/16 Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Pax (21):  Plumb Bob, Zima, Sump Pump, Rih Rih, Geppetto, Fergie, Glen Ross, Grinder, Pork Chop, OJ, Jolly Rancher, Noxeema Jackson, Viking, Le Pew, Dauber, Chestnut, Kimble, Sandtrap, Dynomite, Deep Dish, & me (Q)

Conditions:  Pleasant

Gear:  Shorts, Mutt field day tee, kicks, oh & new Hanes athletic boxer briefs.  Highly recommend these.  They felt great.  But I’m new to this boxer brief game and I’m willing to hear other recommendations.

It was awesome to see so many cars roll into N.C. this morning!  I’m honored so many guys showed up!  It was a pleasure to meet you pax that I haven’t worked out with before.

5:30am – I introduced myself and gave the disclaimer (I think).  We moseyed to a field in between where we meet and the restaurant district.

Warmup:  Kendrick Newmans, S.S.H.’s, grass grabbers, downward dog with left over right stretch then right over left stretch.  We then moseyed to the steps in front of the school playground.

Thing 1:  I asked everyone to pair up.  I suggested to pair up with someone you didn’t know.  Partner 1 – go to playground and do 10 pull-ups.  Partner 2 did AMRAP gas pumps until P1 returned.  Then P2 went to do 10 Pull-ups.  We continued with 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 pull-ups while the other partner AMRAP gas pumps.

When everyone finished we moseyed to the Amphitheater.

Thing 2:  We stayed with our partners.  P1 ran up the amphitheater steps and did (20) merkins at the top.  Then ran back down the steps.  P2 elbow planked until P1 got back.  We did 4 rounds of this.

After everyone finished the 4th round we started over with P1 running back up the steps, do 20 squats, then run back down the steps.  P2 did AMRAP LBC’s.  We completed 3 rounds of this.

With 4 minutes left we circled up in the grass at the top of the amphitheater for a short mary.  We did (8) Catalina Wine Makers.  And finished with 45 seconds of Freddy Mercury’s.

Circled up at flag:  Counted off, Name-o-rama, announcements, and intentions.  I closed  by asking everyone to make this the easiest thing they do today.  Step outside your comfort zone and do something good whether it’s for work, kids, wife, etc….

Thanks again to everyone that showed up this morning to get better.  It means more to me than words can express!

Until next time

Peace out





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