B.B. The Blender @ The Mutt

Pax: Pope, Glen Ross, Motor Boat, Violet, Backdraft, Zima, Wham, Digiorno, me (Q)

Conditions: 12 degrees; felt like 2

Gear: Base layer, fleece lined joggers, sweatshirt, gloves, toboggan, socks, Asics gel

Dominating the paddle court until 11pm last night left little time to plan this morning’s workout. However, I wasn’t worried, I figured whatever knuckleheads decided to show would be game for an ole fashion merkin-off.

We started with shoulder and chest stretches, then changed to legs. After stretching, I felt a mosey around the school would be necessary to get everyone’s heart rate going. During the mosey, Zima mentioned the 1st couple Tailspin events had previously happened this coming weekend. This led to a couple stories of past tailspin events and the great times we had. Someone even asked/questioned whether I was involved in extracurricular activities with a fellow pax. No worries though, I’m a good sport and can handle banter of any kind.

Hell, I don’t even sweat it when a few F3 herbs throw shade at The Mutt for being The Mutt. But I digress…

Only Thang: Merkin-off – We crushed the old Mutt record! Even with a few pax lollygagging at times. The group also sneaked in time to mosey around the parking lot and school a couple times. We did LBC’s while the committee calculated and confirmed the official merkin count.

As always, I feel lucky to get the opportunity to lead the men among this fine group we call F3.

Until next time…

With Peace and love

– Fridge

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