Pre-Blast 02/18/2021 Snowman Building – The Big Kapowski @Bayside

They say the third time is the charm. Not sure how that applies but perhaps it means we have a good turnout for my inclement weather Q number 3 in one week. It has been fun but certainly could be improved with more HIMS to come out and challenge themselves and each other. Don’t be caged in by the weather if you can help it! For those willing to join me leave plenty time for 1) adequate cleaning of your car (if outside) and 2) a nice slow relaxed drive in the snow.

To bring: The enthusiasm of a 5 year old for playing in the snow, Gloves (Duh), a dry unfrozen coupon (or use from the frozen stash), Hopefully a hat as well. SYITG!

Your Brother, – Slide Rule

Image result for snowman

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