BB Squid Q – Foundry @ County 02.17.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel – Stop #4. I started my early trek to county by falling down the 4 steps outside my front door with my coupon and water. Since Pelican already has a list of actions that equate to the verb “squid”, I decided I couldn’t add anything else to his list. So, I peeled myself off the ice and headed to the van. Turns out the remote start didn’t actually remote start so the van was still freezing, pretty sad right? Then I went to get my glasses and they fell into the passenger floorboard so I used the ice scraper to retrieve them from the far side of the vehicle. This morning was off to an epic start.

I got to County about half an hour early after allowing plenty of time to travel on cleared roads. I wanted to scope out the work conditions so I could modify if necessary. Turns out the lot was in pretty good shape so we were going to proceed as planned.

The PAX that showed up in time to get to work promptly at 0530 are:
Brown Water (R)
Big Bird
Yankovic (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Squid (Q)

The PAX the blamed a “train” on showing up just as we finished warm-o-rama:

We started out with SSH to get the blood flowing since it was stupid cold. We stretched the hammies, and really worked on warming the shoulders up with Kendra Newmans, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps and Good Mornings.

Once everyone was warmed up, we headed to the side of the parking lot to start the real work. The PAX quickly noticed Murder Maker and the lost look was evident on their faces. I gave a quick demo, imagine a Man Maker with a Murder Bunny, and all was well again. We used the Murder Maker to cross the parking lot and then rifle carried our coupon back to the other side. DeVitto was so excited for the new exercise that he Hulk smashed his coupon. With a quick trip to my van, we grabbed Shark Bait’s coupon since he was in the fartsack today.

Once everyone was back we partnered up for some Death by Dora. PAX 1 started with the exercise and PAX 2 farmer carried the coupon down and back, switching hands halfway. PAX 2 picked up on the exercise while PAX 1 farmer carried down and back. With that, we pushed through the list.

Death by Dora
100 Skull crushers
200 Overhead Press
300 Curls
200 Kettlebell Swings
100 Thrusters

Since the PAX was working in overdrive, we finished with 10 or 15 minutes to spare. YHC had to come up with something quick to burn the rest of the clock. We did another round of Murder Maker down and Rifle Carry back. By now the shoulder and forearms were on fire. To help keep the muscles moving while allowing a little cool-down, I decided another round of Dora would be good. Partner 1 would start working while the other moseyed across the lot and back.

Dora (Round 2)
100 Overhead Clap
200 Seal Clap
300 Squats

Most of us didn’t quite finish before time ran out. At 0615 time was called and we circled up under the basketball goal. COR, NOR, Announcements (Pelican presented Holy Roller with a special gift, Zima collecting shoes and monthly ruck collecting for homeless shelter) and Intentions.

As always, it is an honor to lead dem County boyz.

Until Next Time,


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