B.B. – 4/25 The Extender @ The Mutt

Pax:  Digiorno, Old Bay, Busch, Tureen, Wham, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Zoolander, Tiger, Cow Bell, Yogi, Zartan, Water Boy, Fridge (Q)

Conditions:  Cloud & 58 – Perfect

Gear – Shorts, Shoes, Shirt, & Hat

5:30am – Disclaimer, no FNG’s, mosey around school to large parking lot..

Warm-up:  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog leg stretch & merkins

Thing 1:  Mosey back to big playground and partner up.  P1 does 10 pull-ups, P2 AMRAP gas pumps or LBC’s until P1 finishes pull-ups.  Then switch…Continue with 9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 pull-ups and AMRAP gas pumps / LBC’s. 55 pull-ups is quality work fellas!

Thing 2:  Mosey back to large parking lot.  Partner 1 ran around the center parking spots in lot while P2 AMRAP big boy sit-ups (laps 1 & 3 / wall sitting (laps 2&4).  Partners switched after each lap.  FYI:  Running around the center spots creates a great race track perfect for exacta & trifecta bets.

Thing 3:  Marry – Circled up:  10 Catalina Winemakers, 15 Squats, 15 big boy sit-ups, 5 Catalina Winemakers, & finished with 10 squats.

I enjoy quality 2nd F and banter while still working as hard as possible.  I’m pleased to say this was accomplished.  We learned certain PAX define partner different than others.  No judgment here though, my motto is if your happy I’m happy.  In the spirit of derby there was exotic bets being laid during laps around the parking lot.  I believe Zartan and Zoo had winning tickets but the payouts were pretty low. All-in-all hard work and 2nd F was accomplished!

Circled up:  Counted off, Name-O-Rama, announcements, & intentions.

In closing I spoke briefly about a book called Failing Forward by John Maxwell.  He writes how failing is a process not an ending.  One quote I like is, “if at first you do succeed, try something harder”.  We succeeded this morning so I challenged everyone to make this work out the easiest thing you do today.  Challenge yourself at work, with family, and in life.

Thanks to all that came out this morning!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

Peace out

– Fridge




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