4/25/19: Agony @ the County

PAX: Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Jerry McGuire (R), Pew Pew, Jolly Rancher, Captain Insano, Bulletin (R), Pork Chop, Red Wagon, Fergie (Q)

Conditions: Wet, low 60s. A very light rain early, but eventually tapering off to a nice morning.

If you read the PB, it was clear today was going to be a coupon day. I had tested out a similar Q on Monday at the O BO, but made some tweaks to keep things moving a little better.

We started with the disclaimer (after Airplane reminded me), and we were off. I wasn’t sure how long the one and only planned thang would take, so I wanted to get moving quick. We did 25 SSH, 15 grassgrabbers, 15 Imperial Walkers and 15 Abe Vigodas to loosen up a bit, and moseyed to grab a coupon. That coupon belonged to each member of the Pax for the rest of the day.

The County has a nice 1/2 miles loop on the perimeter, and today’s plan was to use it, while not setting the coupon down. There were 6 planned stops at varying intervals along the 1/2 mile. At each stop, the Pax did a variety of exercise to completion. Movement to the next stop consisted of either an overhead coupon walk (for the shorter distances) or a coupon run (for the longer distances). Over 2 laps, our stops included:

25 coupon curls * 2, 20 coupon swings, 25 coupon rows, 20 coupon step ups, 20 Bulgarian single coupon squats, 25 coupon squats *2, 25 coupon overhead presses, 20 coupon merkins, 20 coupon squat thrusters.

To keep the Pax together, man makers were awarded to those reaching the next stop first until the 6 arrived.



The Pax exceeded my plan, and blew through the mile 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We reluctantly returned our coupons to the garden, and moseyed to the main parking lot for 3 * 50 yd AYG sprints, and a merkin timebomb.  About midway through the bomb, time was called and the fun was over. Next time I wont underestimate the Pax and we’ll shoot for a full 45 minutes of coupon time.

We circled up around the flag, announcements and intentions given. Prayers for those going through difficult times, as well as those competing this weekend. Thanks to the 9 HIMS who came out in the wet conditions to hopefully get a little better.

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