Back Blast from 6/13 The Blender at The Mutt

It was good…or bad…I’m still unsure. But it was a blast!

I was a little slow with cadence and not totally clear on exercise instructions.  But that is to be expected leading a group of dedicated men for the first time.  Truth be told I was nervous!

One of many things I’ve learned from F3: Getting better is the only option.

It’s humbling being around a group of men that work hard to better themselves and others every day.   Your dedication keeps me working hard.

Thank You F3 La Familia!

Shout-out to Glenn Ross & Busch for introducing me to F3!

Q: Fridge (yours truly)

PAX: Abacus, Duplo, Geppetto, Busch, Left Eye, Fergie, Grinder, Snowman, Diablo, Big Bird, Cow Bell, Sump Pump, Old Bay, Tureen, Glenn Ross, PED, Mamma’s Boy, Red Bull (FNG, 2.0), The GOAT (FNG, 2.0)

Warm Up:

(15) Side Straddle Hops

(15) Grass grabbers

Downward dog

Right foot over left

Right arm reach for sky

Left foot over right

Left arm reach for the sky


Four stations around the new walking path (repeat each exercise until the group behind relieves you):

Station 1 Coupons:

Lap 1:                                                    Lap 2:

(25) 3-Step Curls                               (30) Curls

(25) Coupon Press                           (10) Plank merkins

(25) Squats                                         (25) Squats


Station 2 Hill:

Bear Crawl up hill

(10) Merkins

Go down the hill

(20) Air shoulder press


Station 3: Abs

(25) American Hammers

(10) Big boy sit-ups

(25) LBC’S


Station 4: Playground

(5) Pull-ups

(10) Merkins

(15) Squats

We made it around twice.

Counted off PAX & NOR (named 2 FNG’s that are 2.0’s)





Thanks to everyone that came out for my VQ!  Next time will be better




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