B.B. 11/5 The Rooster @ The Mutt

Pax:  Wham-O (R), Deuce, Geppetto, Plumb Bob, Tiger, Tureen, Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Larry Flint, Wind Shield, No Show, Fall Guy (R), Old Bay, PED, Draper, Meatball, Lionel, Fridge (q)

Conditions:  44 degrees, cloudy, slight rain at 6:15am

Gear:  Shorts, long sleeves, shoes

It was a great morning at The Mutt.  We had a great crew show up to get better.  I hated to hear Busch had a weave malfunction and couldn’t make it.

5:30 – Disclaimer, asked if there were any FNG’s and we moseyed to the big parking lot to complete a short warm-up.  There was to much mumblechatter happening so I had to cut off all the fun.

Thing 1:  Everyone when to get a coupon and we met back at the large parking lot.

11’s with dips and curls:

We placed the coupons on the curb for the dips (started with 10), then one curl, then run across the lot and back.  9 dips, then 2 curls, then run across the lot.  8 dips, 3 curls, run across lot…etc.  Plank until the 6 completed 1 dip and 10 curls.

Thing 2:

We moseyed to the large playground and partnered up.

partner 1 – 10 pull-ups; partner 2 AMRAP LBC’s.  Rotate once P1 is done with 10 pull-ups.  We did 5 sets of this.

Once everyone completed the 5 sets we did a little mary on the cushy playground floor.  Elbow plank, B.B. Sit-ups, & gas pumps.

Thing 3:

We moseyed back to the big lot.

We rotated between sitting on the wall & wall planks for 1 minute.  After each 1 minute set we ran across the lot and did 5 burpee’s then ran back.  We did 4 sets of this.  After 4 sets it was time to return the coupons and gathered near the flag.  Here we did 5 more burpees and had time to plank for 1 minute.


Count off, name-o-rama, announcements, intentions, and I expressed how it was a pleasure leading the group!

Until next time,

Peace and Love

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