Back Blast – B.O.W Vincent-Q

It was a perfect morning in the gloom and 7 HIM’s joined me for a Cul-de-sac killer workout.  The temperature was 51 degrees and we finished just as the sprinkles started coming down.  Gearlander for Zoo (if he still checks in for reading pleasure?)  Asics Dry fit long sleeve shirt – gray, black Under Armor running shorts and Mizuno running shoes.  No gloves or head gear needed.

We moseyed the long way to the tennis courts for COP which consisted of SSH’s, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Walkers, Downward dog  calf stretches, runners stretch and Merkins while we were in plank.

Thang 1:  We moseyed over to Cogan’s corner for a crazy eight routine with a kicker.  We did 7 Bobby Hurleys at the top of one hill and ran down and up the other side for 1 Lunge (each leg 1/2).  We cycled back and forth until we did one Bobby Hurley and 7 Lunges.  The kicker – we did 5 Burpees at the bottom of the hill each time through.  Total burpee count – 75.

Thang 2:  Back to the tennis courts for a burpee, merkin, plank Jack Webb.  It consists of one merkin/4 plank jacks but you start standing and drop down to plank to perform the cycle then groiner back up to a standing position before going on to 2/4, 3/12 etc.  Of all of the things I have led while Q’ing this is the toughest to count.  Woof!!

We wrapped up with a few minutes of Mary then back to the flag for count, name, announcements and Intentions.  PAX Present – Tammy Faye Baker, Wham!, Violet, Flo Jo, Tin Cup, Butcher, Handbook and Vincent (Q).   Until next time, SYITG

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