Backblast: The Rooster @ The Mutt 8/28/18

Writing this backblast proved to be harder than my Q. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of overwhelming support I had when car after car pulled into the lot.   Thank you to the 30 PAX that showed up!  I will never forget the great (also nervous) feeling I had seeing you fellas at 5:30am!

My analog wrist watch was a little off so Zartan became the official starter and called 5:30.

I gave the “not a professional” disclaimer and welcomed the 2 FNG’s.

Pax: Mouth, Zoo, Busch, Deuce, Marry Poppins, Ham, Beano, Escort, Pepperoni, Windshield, Blueprint, Glenn Ross, Wedding Singer, Zartan, Pink Panther, Sprinkler, Water Boy, Pyle, Miyagi, Wham-O, Cow Bell, Sump Pump, Rih Rih, Left Eye, Tiger, Zima, Old Bay, Digiorno, Maize (FNG), & Daisy Duke (FNG)

Q: Fridge

Weather: Clear, 77, dew point 73, humidity 52%, muggy

Gear: Shorts, tee, Nike kicks

And we’re off…

Mosey around school (During which, Busch tried to psych me out by asking “if I had a work out planned for this many men”)

Warm Up:

15 Grass grabbers

15 Side straddle hops

Arm & shoulder stretch on your own

Downward dog: Right foot over left; left over right; right arm in the sky; left arm in the sky

Counted off 1 &2’s (2’s went to get the coupons) & everyone paired up

Thing 1:  (Location: Parking lot of the Portico Entrance)

Each pair completed the following exercises in sets of 25. One man was “wall sitting” facing the lot while the other ran across the lot to complete a set of 25.  Relieving each other after each set.

150 Merkins (25 regular, 25 incline, 25 decline)

200 Coupon curls

200 Coupon bench press w/ feet 6” off the ground

Thing 2: (Locations:  School playgrounds)

Still in pairs each man completed the following:

25 Pullups

100 V-ups

Thing 3: (Location:  Back parking lot)

Circled up for Mary

Count to 200 (I barrowed this from Retainer) 1-10 big boy sit-ups, 11-20 LBC’s, 21-30 rest, rinse & repeat until reaching 200. We made it to 150 and I decided to let the group call out the remaining exercises.

10 Merkins

10 American Hammers

Last we spelled “FRIDGE SUCKS” with our legs. Zoo requested we do this NOT me.

Circled up

Counted 31 strong!!!


Intentions & announcements

Out with a prayer

I was stoked after yesterday’s w/o!

Thanks again to the PAX that came out!  I hope everyone enjoyed the beat down as much as I did!

More than a workout!

Peace, out


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