BB: 7/1/19 – BO @ the O

Pax: Rocky, Wild Flower, Fall Guy (R*2), Big Bird, Pork Chop, Airplane, Amelia, Wham, Meter Maid, Pepperoni, PED, Fergie (Q).

Weather: 70 degrees, with 88% humidity.


Sometimes when you Q, you have to call an audible. Other times you have to call 5. It also could have just been poor planning and lack of judgment the evening before. Either way, our morning went something like this.

I arrived at 520, the only member of the Pax. I did a quick jog for a safety inspection over by the ball fields and returned to a group of HIMS standing by and waiting for me. The cavalry had come in from the County. With that, 11 of us took off on a moseying COP, picking up a slightly late Pork Chop on the way to make 12. We did an easy mile, with stops along the way for SSHs, Plank Jacks, Squat Jacks and some stretching.

Still a little dark, so we landed at the Tennis Courts, and lined up along the side line for a quick bear crawl – crawl bear. That is, bear crawl to the mid-court line, 10 merkins, crawl bear back. Bear crawl to the other sideline, 20 merkins, crawl bear back. We did this twice.

With that, we finally had enough light from the sunrise to head over to the hill. We weren’t going to have enough time for my original plan, but we started with 10 bobby hurleys at the top of the hill, ran down and back up to the other side for 10 merkins, and then back up the other side for 10 more merkins. The trail was a little wet, and much overgrown so we changed the plan again and headed to back to the tennis courts.

Luckily, I had some poster boards from previous work-outs in my trunk, so I grabbed those to keep things going. Each board had 3 exercises. Lining up on the sideline, the Pax did exercise 1, ran the distance to the other side and back, exercise 2, run, etc. We may it through 2 boards: 25 merkins, 20 BBSUs, 10 burpees, 20 jump lunges, 25 monkey humpers and 25 squats.

We used the last 5 for some mary.

With that, time was called. We closed out with intentions said for the departed. Thanks to everyone for coming out today, especially for the county boys who made their way in.

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