7/9/2019 BoW BackBlast at The O

Pax 25: Carlose’, Tiger, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Zartan, Tron, Jeter, Fergie, Wham!, Tin Cup, Paris, Merlin (FNG), Jinxy, Scuba Steve, Pope, Iceman (Respect), OJ, Vincent (Respect), Jitterbug (Respect), Steinbrenner (DR from Memphis), Violet, Trump, Zima, PED, Glen Ross Q

Conditions:  July in Kentucky

Gear:  nike shorts, new tank fresh off the clearance rack for $3dollas, year old UA shoes and black wool socks from TJ Maxx.  basically dressed like a giant bumble bee

Disclaimer:  One FNG (Jinxy’s 2.0) and mosey to tennis court for quick warm up of 20 SSH/ 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers/ 20 plank Jacks/ 20 Peter Parker Elbow Planks

Big group today—a bit more than I expected so divided the group into 2’s—each group using one of the tennis courts.  Named this Bernie 2020, but this is not an endorsement of any kind as I’m a devout capitalist. Using the four corners—stopping at each corner to do 5 burpees, then Bernie from corner to corner, ending with 20.  After round 1, switch burpees out for T merkins at each corner, again Bernie from corner to corner ending with 20.  So that’s the Bernie 2020.

Next circled up for quick burst of mary w/ 50 LBCs and 25 Flutter Kicks.  Then switched courts and repeated the Bernie 2020 and finished with another round of 50 LBCs/ 25 Flutters

Thang2:  Break into 4 groups for station work (over near coupons/ playground).  Station 1 would push and start with 10 pull ups.  Station 2 was swing crunches (love these guys—intro’d by Vincent) AMRAP.  Station 3 was Lt. Dan—try and get up to 5/20 and Station 4 was AMRAP Curls.

We knocked out 2 rounds of this and then partnered up for some quick field work.  BTW, the field at the O is in excellent shape.  Partner 1 runs to end of field for 10 Bobby H’s, partner 2 merkins.  Stop when group knocks out 100 merkins

With 4 minutes left we circled up in the field for mary.  20 Gas Pumps/ 20 American Hammers/ 10 Gas Pumps/ 10 American Hammers (tried to keep the backs off the grass).

Mosey back to flag for Name-a-Rama.  Jinxy had his 2.0 with him today—strong work for incoming freshman in high school and he mentioned he likes magic so we went with Merlin.

Announcements:  something about rucksacks, a few other things too and we moved to intentions and closed with Our Father.

Love these hot, muggy days and will miss them in about 4 months.  It was a beautiful morning at the park and I’m humbled to lead such a strong group today.


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