7/17 2 year Kiloversary Backblast and love letter to F3Louisville

B13DFE15-1C46-4F52-8A2D-A5317E887960.pngThis date actually snuck up on me, you know the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun.”  Last week I attended the 2 year Poshaversary and it hit me that the 2 year Kiloversary was just around the corner.  So I hopped on the ole google calendar and noticed that the Poshies were saving the Q for me on 7/17.  Thanks guys!

Now, the only thing.  I’m still injured.  I know, it seems like I’ve been whining FOREVER about this dang foot problem.  How can I do my 2 year anny justice with a proper full body beat down?  I knew I couldn’t run, but I felt good last week doing burpees, and I’ve been doing a TON of upper body work while injured.  I decided on a modified FatAmy.  I’d call it FatKilo.  Seemed appropriate.

With my weinke in place, I knew I had to add a little extra something to my plan because anniversaries are supposed to be special, Right?  As many of you know, I’m a talker, some may say I’m obnoxious, I’d prefer confidently boisterous.  Anyway, I wanted to talk to the Posh pax (many of whom I admittedly dont know very well) about why I love F3 so much.  There we go, planning done.

Last night, my foot hurt REALLY bad.  I was worried, but when I woke up, adrenaline or IB profin carried me through the weinke.  The good Lord also provided some special rain effects to make my message that much more impactful.  What ensued was a morning in the gloom that I hope all HIM in attendance felt inspired to share F3Louisville with someone.  This thing we have here is CRAZY AWESOME!  Trust me, I know its hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it.  F3 is not an easy sell to make, but its impactful in 100 different ways on that person that you HL.


Gearlander- Brooks Adrenaline (these have been a savior for my feet) Injinji socks, nike lined running shorts (Xtra short just my style) NEON autism Rucks shirt.

Conditions- perfectly 74 cloudy and misty to start, changing to a beautiful rain shower at around 0555.


PAX- Rhythm, PewPew, Skirmish, Fanny Pack, Huggies, Deep Dish, Bob Ross, Worm, SnowDay, ToolTime, Drive Thru, Jitterbug, Double Down, Mr. Kotter, Lady Bird, Dynomite, Ira De Milo, Maxi, WOoooooo, McAfee, Diablo, Sandtrap, DryRub, Methane, Propane, KiloQ



All done IC

25 Imperial Walkers

15 Grass Grabbers

25 HillBilly Walkers

Kendra Newmans


Mosey over to coupon area where every pax was instructed to grab a coupon and circle up on the egg lawn.


The Thang

#FatKilo- A modified version of FatAmy workout.  Normally done for time, but in the gloom of the morning we work together.

10 burpees

50 curls

10 burpees

40 Big Boy sit ups

10 burpees

30 overhead coupon press

10 burpees

20 coupon swings

10 burpees

10 man makers

10 burpees

20 coupon swings

10 burpees

30 overhead coupon press

10 burpees

40 big boy sit-ups

10 burpees

50 curls

10 burpees


upon completion of this set Pax were instructed to put coupons away and mosey back to the flag.

Time read 0511.  Time for some plank and more talking from YHC about leadership within the region.



A few ruck announcements were made

this Friday 7/19 at pope lick park with Worm and HotWheels “Taste of the Tough”

10/11 GORUCK custom tough (message me with questions)


Why I Love F3, you should too!

Throughout the morning I shared a lot of what I love about F3Louisville, which Ill summarize as best I can.  In no particular order

1. Fitness- Fun, Free, challenging workouts.  Where you’ll  never feel left behind, and always feel welcome.  Fitness is the magnet to our group, we know F3 is more than a workout, however your buddy that your trying to bring with you can only understand that its a workout group.  They’ll have to figure the rest out on their own.

2. Fellowship- Ill bet you didn’t realize that you needed a new group of friends.  I sure didn’t, but that’s exactly what I got.  You find out that as you get older your friend circle shrinks because you have little time with a busy schedule to interact with other men.  (Research Shield Lock in F3 lexicon) Well F3 provides that opportunity and this is the Glue that holds our group together.

3. Faith- We have impacted more people in this community than one can count in the 2 + years of existence.  Directly and indirectly making an impact with our time, money, donations, effort, and a smile.  This aspect is the dynamite that takes F3 to the next level.  It’s what gives me chills when I talk about it.  Whether its a group serving breakfast at the homeless shelter, or a quick fundraiser to send a child to summer camp, or writing notes on an Ace of Spades to give a PAX well wishes and speedy recovery, coat drives, food drives, toy drives, the list goes on and on.  There are countless examples, I will never forget when this group has stepped up to the plate and answered the bell.

4. Accountability- F3 holds you accountable.  For all 3 of the above.  Accountable at a workout or for showing up to a workout.  I PROMISE you will work harder next to your brother in the gloom than you ever would at a gym by yourself.  Accountable to your new friends who put trust in you to LEAD a workout.  Accountable to be something bigger than yourself, by giving each other opportunities to serve in the community.  If you open yourself up enough and create a shield lock with three to four pax members, you’ll find the ultimate accountability.  A group not afraid to tell you when you may be coming off the rails in your personal life.  Because we ALL need this level of accountability!

5. Leadership- Lastly F3 is not a fitness group, its not a workout group, its not a friends group or a church group.  Its a LEADERSHIP group.  The goal clearly stated is to develop small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  PLENTY of opportunities to lead within F3Louisville.  Step outside of your comfort zone, do something you never thought you could.  I promise you wont regret it, you may make mistakes, but that’s how we get better!!  The possibilities are endless and I cant wait to see the next crop of Leadership to emerge!  Make F3Louisville yours, share it, and hold on for an Awesome ride!!!

I hope you can feel my passion in this BackBlast, I hope that it ignites you to share this group with a friend or a neighbor.


All my Love,



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