Extender back blast 07.25.19 – Old Bay at the helm

PAX (15): Tiger, Loco, Busch, Zima, Deuce, Glen Ross, Cowbell, Blueprint, Fridge, Pepperoni, Wham-O (R), Geppetto, Tureen, Digiorno, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions were fantastic, gear was on-point.  Zoolander wasn’t there, but he would have agreed.  Tiger was 5 minutes early.  Say what?

My new favorite:  Disclaimer, right into slaughter start of 20 beautiful burpees.

Mosey around the school, including high knees and butt kicks.  Grab coupons, and head up to the front of the school by the portico.

COP: 15 seal jacks, 10 tempo merkins, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Copperhead Squats, downward dog/runners stretch.  Repeat.

Thang 1:  11s on the Cherrywood hill.  10 Merkins at the bottom, 1 Star Jump at the top.  9 then 2, etc.  Extra credit for yelling “I’m a star” whilst jumping.  Buschh and Wham-O destroyed.  There were also a few Kentucky Barking Spiders present.  Recovery Mosey back to portico.

Thang 2: 11s across the parking lot.  10 coupon clean and jerks, run across lot, 1 coupon dip.  9 then 2, etc.  Some had great form.  Some did not.  Cut this a little short due to time.

lifting fail F3

Thang 3:  Partner up, and both are on same side of the lot.  P1 farmer carries 2 coupons across lot, and begins doing squats with 2 coupons.  P2 is doing SSH.  When P1 begins his squats, P2 sprints across lot, takes coupons from P1, does his farmer carry back across lot, and begins his weighted squats.  P1 is now doing SSH, and sprints across when the squats start.  Clear as mud?  I agree.  We got through multiple rounds of this…and TIME.

COR > NOR > Announcements.  Glen Ross and Fridge Co-Q this Saturday.  I’ve been asked to help reinvigorate the 2rd F component at the Mutt, so be thinking about alternate locations/days for HDHH and lunch.  I am also working on a few larger, less-frequent 2rd F events.  Stay tuned, and please reach out to me with thoughts and ideas.

I closed with words of gratitude for all that I have been given.  I also talked about how it’s ok to struggle.  Society and Goo Nation (if you listen to 43 feet podcast) say you should try to be happy all the time and avoid pain at all costs.  That isn’t how it works.  Life is F’ing hard.  People are mean.  You will occasionally step in dog shit.  The point is that it’s OK.  Challenges produce durability in the high impact man.  Acknowledge your challenges, and talk about them with your people, whoever they are.  They are dealing with the same shit too.

Peace and love, Old Bay

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