Silo Back Blast – Beast Mode = Simple, Yet Effective 8.5.19

As we begin Q School week, I was honored to fill in for Catfish to Q one of my favorite sites, North Posh (Home to “Beast Mode”). Over the past year, I have visited this site many times with the intent to start my week off right, with probably the toughest workout of the week. I always enjoy posting here because I know that the men who join me are there for the same reason, to get better!

I wanted to keep things simple this morning for Q School, so we could focus on other items, but still wanted something that would push each of us to get better.

I pulled up about 10 minutes til the start of the workout. As I pulled in I saw several cars, but nobody was present. As I got closer I spotted a Stormtrooper in his truck. “Man, I haven’t seen that guy in forever!” Turns out he was out for 6 weeks for his IT band and this would be his first post in as many weeks. Glad to see him back out in the Gloom with us today.

As we got closer to 5:30 a few more HIMs drove in and at 5:30, 11 of us were ready to hit the ground running, literally.

Weather: 68 degrees, with about 65% humidity. Not as bad as it has been but still rather stuffy for an early morning workout, but I will take.

Gearlander: Nike Dri-Fit hat, YMCA dri-fit coach’s t-shirt, Athleta Active running shorts, Puma socks and New Balance 880 running shoes.

PAX: Dunphy, Nice and Slow, Stormtrooper, Cochran, Huggies, Viking, Abacus, Milton, Airplane, Nino, McAfee (QIC)


I started off telling the group a little about my F3 journey and how I got to where I am. After discussing, some of what F3 is and what it means to me, I gave a thorough disclaimer and asked for a verbal AYE from the group. After the disclaimer was stated we began COP and discuss each of the 5 Core principles in between each exercise.


10 Abe Vigodas IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC

10 Single Count Merkins

10 Copperhead Squats IC

We also discussed the importance of introducing the exercise in a consistent manner: Next exercise is…., Starting position, Move, In cadence (or other count), and Exercise. We discussed this agin later during Mary.

After a few finals words we were off on a mosey to our destination for the MAIN THANG.


Like I said, earlier I wanted to keep it simple but still ensure that these HIMS had to kick it into “Beast Mode”.

DORA 2,4,6

We started on the turn of the switchback hill leading down to the large field and parking lot. Starting from here we partnered up for some DORA (with an odd number QIC opted to run it solo).

Partner 1 – Run to the bottom of the hill and back up.

Partner 2 – Perform AMRAP of the following exercises

200 Merkins

400 Squats

600 SSH

*Partners would switch and pick up where the partner left off until all 1,200 reps were completed.

Teams that finished early would pick up the 6 and help them finish. Once all teams were completed we headed back toward the flags.


Back at the flags, we discussed the importance of introducing the exercise, so I let each member of the group lead us through 10 reps of any exercise of Mary they chose. Some of the exercises included:


da Vincis


Pickle Pounders

American Hammers



At 6:15 we circled up around the flag for COR, NOR and the 6. I mentioned the importance of the COT and the opportunity it allows each of us to bring our burdens to this group for support, prayer or a sounding board. After a few announcements, we lifted our intentions to the Sky Q and I closed us out in a word of prayer.

I am excited to see what this weeks brings for us and I am encouraged by all of the leadership among this group. Here is to a great Q School week!


-McAfee out



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