Inaugural Cloverfield 8.8.19 PreBlast


All week the Site Qs of F3Louisville have stepped up to Q the WO they oversee for Back to Q School week, but if you look at the calendar you’ll see me on the schedule tomorrow at Cloverfield (which I am not the Site Q of). You see tomorrow will be 5 months since I Qd the first WO at St. Patrick’s (now known as The Garden) & it’s the first week the Site is an official AO of the Region. Call me sentimental, but because of this I wanted to be the one to Q tomorrow & Nice & Slow (being the caring understanding HIM he is) obliged my request.

I look forward to seeing the nurserymen of The Garden & any other PAX who want to join what I anticipate being a tough WO (modifications will be possible & encouraged whenever/however needed) as we approach the conclusion of Back to Q School Week.

**Disclaimer – we will Bear Crawl & we will be using coupons so I advise bringing gloves.



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