Rooster backblast 08/20/19 – Old Bay at the helm

PAX: 15: Geppetto, Backdraft, Larry Flynt, Windshield, WhamO (R), Zima, Blueprint, Soft Top, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Deuce, Tiger, Waterboy, Star Child, Old Bay (QIC)

Conditions: just breathing felt kinda like bring waterboarded.

Gear: Yes

As I arrived, I saw a few PAX already there.  Is that who I think it is?  Star Child!  Love this dude, happy to see him ITG.  More and more boys came to the yard, and we had a nice group of 14.  About 12 minutes in, Blueprint arrives!  He semi-fartsacked, but still got up to the Mutt to get better.  Thin about that for a sec…would you have still come to the WO if you overslept 10 minutes?  (well, he did and was rewarded upon his arrival with a view of 14 men doing monkey humpers.  We’re not weird, you’re weird.)

Notably absent were Buschh, Zoolander, and Mouth.  Whatevs.  I’m sure they posted somewhere.

We talk about being more transparent with our pre-blasts.  This allows PAX to have a better idea of what they are getting into, manage nagging injuries, balance out their week, etc.  I have been vague in the past, because surprises are fun, but I am turning over a new leaf.  You typically expect a fair amount of running in an Old Bay Q, but I promised the lads that there would be a max of 4 laps around the school, and everything else would be done in place.  If I’m anything, I’m truthful.  And good looking.  With a ton of hair.

Short and sweet:

  • Disclaimer given
  • Mosey around school, grab coupons, and head back up top.
  • COP: SSH, Copperhead squats, T-Merkins, Dog, Runners stretch, arms to the sky
  • The one and only THANG:
    • AMRAP.  8 exercises.  45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, lap around the school.  Repeat 3 times.
    • Burpees, coupon squats, walk over merkins, coupon lunges, coupon curls, monkey humpers, coupon thrusters, coupon rows
  • Had time for 2 minutes of Mary.  Scissor kicks and LBCs.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand TIME.
  • COR – NOR – Announcements – BOM

I thought this WO would suck, but the humidity made it suck pretty bad.  Some good tunes always help push me through, and the sweet soothing sounds of Rage, Alice in Chains, Helmet, Audioslave, and Tool were no exception.  Good chatter and encouragement by all.  I closed with words of gratitude.  I get knocked out of rhythm by things that are small and dumb, and I’ll be mad about it for hours or even days.  I admit it, but I’m working on it, because so many are dealing with REAL challenges.

Peace and chicken grease,

~Old Bay

Fabio Hair F3


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