BB for 8/17 @the Nest #the County

Disclaimer and Welcomed everyone.

PAX (26):

mama’s boy, grizzly, trekke, Bus(2.0), Brick (2.0), abacus, Valdez, Cowboy, Jolly Rancher, Selfie, Dauber, Bigbird, Giselle, Le Pew, Primetime (2.0), Pelican, Titan (2.0), Captain Crunchberries, (FNG; 2.0), The GOAT (2.0), Blart, Redbull (2.0), Bulletin, Amelia, Red rider (2.0), WILDflower (QIC)

After that we were off to a quick mosey for COP at front parking lot



25 gorilla humpers IC

20 Merkins Single Count

Kendra Newman’s (oyo)

20 Copperhead Squats IC

We moseyed around the building to playground where we did:

15 pull ups & 15 merkins then rinsed and repeated.

Then moseyed to grab coupons and come back the main parking lot for the main thang.


Four rounds for time:

10 man makers

20 hand release Merkins

30 squats (W/ coupons)

40 over head press (w/ coupons)

50 side straddle hops

Run one lap around the parking lot island and back


After we put coupons back we did some rapid Mary of:

25 gas pumps (IC)

25 flutter kicks (IC)


We circled up for COR and I thanked everyone for holding myself and every other HIM accountable everyday for these tough WO’s. Said an our Father (IC) then hugged it out.

WILDflower OUT.

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