BB The Nest 8/24-Pelican VQ

Pax-Rocky, Backflop,Big Bird, Le Pew, Gisele ,Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Crockpot, Brown Water (FNG), Free Agent (FNG), Bob Cratchet (FNG), Echo (2.0), Prime Time (2.0), Trekkie (2.0), Dauber , Brick (2.0), Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Mannikin, Pelican (Q)

20 PAX present for disclaimer in perfect 60 degree weather. But wait Pelican I count 22 PAX above what gives? Two things—did you really count the PAX and keep reading and I’ll you how we got to 22 in a bit.

We moseyed out to the front lot and did the following-

Slow grass grabbers x15

Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps


Downward dog into some stretches

8 Merkins at the request of Primetime

Moseyed to the backlot by the green space where I explained the stations and broke the Pax into two teams.

The stations were all along the backlot from the playground to the playhouse and combined some basketball conditioning drills from my past with some F3 exercises.

The 7 stations were as followed-



Calf raises


Bobby Hurley’s

Cone hops

Box Jumps

The first round you did 10 reps, second 15 and so on. To go from station to station you ran, Bernie Sanders’d or defensive slid, slided or slode. Once you finished all seven you moseyed in front of campus back to your first station. Also each station counted as a point for round 1, 2 for round 2 and so on.

This set up allowed for some great mumble chatter amongst teams and allowed the Pax to see the entire campus. It also allowed for one of the greatest HLs ever. While team 1 was moseying between stations they happened upon a FNG (free agent)out for a walk. Mama’s Boy and team put the full court press on him and invited him to workout with us. To my surprise he accepted. We found out that he was here from Pittsburgh staying at an air b&b nearby heading out on the bourbon trail for a bachelor party later that night. Major props to Mama for the HL and even more to Free Agent for accepting.

Each team ended up get through three rounds of stations and met near the flags with about 15 minutes to spare. With the score tied we moved into phase two for the tie breaker-free throws.

Each Pax got to shoot one free throw. While waiting on your turn you held air squats while the other team held plank. Around this time we picked up another Pax to hit our 22—Crockpot! Fresh off his Q at bayside he stopped by to support the county and my VQ.

After 22 horrifying free throw attempts we had a winner. Thanks to the only two makes being on team 1 by Mama and Free agent team 2 had to run a burpee suicide (like a regular suicide but at each line you did burpees for the number of lines it was away from start while team 1 did some LBCs).

We ended with some Mary with a few pax leading it cause quite honestly I was spent and couldn’t really recall what I planned for it.

I may have missed some but here’s what I think we did-

Le Pew-copper head merkins

Dauber-gas pumps

Crockpot-American hammer and Freddy Mercury’s

Big bird-J Los

COT and got to name 3 FNGs. Only one announcement and it was Le Pew announcing that Big Bug was a beast. We encouraged free agent to check out F3 Pittsburgh and invited the other FNGs back. Said our intentions for ill family members and a young marriage later that day. Ended with me thanking the PAX for their support and what the group has meant to me then closed with an Our Father.

My VQ was a lot of fun—special thanks to Crockpot for giving me the nudge to sign up, Big Bird for helping me get my stuff together and for Alexa for completing the HL on me 3 months ago. Game ball goes to Mama for sinking his free throw and completing the HL on Free Agent.

See ya on the next flight.

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