09.28 Blender Back Blast – Slow Bay

PAX 25: DiGiorno, Backdraft, Buschhh, Geppetto, Scuba Steve, Fergie, Pepperoni, Hamm, Cutlass, Rih Rih, Cornbread (R), Blue Print, Plumb Bob, Pope, PED, No Show, Big Papi, Trump, Larry Flint, Mouth, Tureen, Fridge, OJ, Old Bay (Q).  My phone sucks, I think I’m forgetting 1 here.

Conditions: almost as glorious as the grounds at the Mutt

Gear:  DFQ shirt, Salomon kicks, target shorts, Bose SoundLink for motivation

COP: SSH, grass grabbers, mountain climbers, downward dog, runners stretch.  Looooong mosey (15 yards) to get coupons.


  • 1= Tire sled drag, across parking lot and back
  • 2= Kettle bell swings (10 L, 10 R, 10 2 handed, repeat)
  • 3= Coupon squats
  • 4= Double merkin man-maker
  • 5= Weighed calf raises
  • 6= Ruck merkins (Ruck on to failure, Ruck off to failure, knees to failure)
  • 7= Coupon curls (10 low, 10 high, 10 full, repeat)
  • 8= Weighted Ball slam
  • 9= Monkey Humpers
  • 10= Kettle bell press

** Tire sled drag was the push.  I kept stations close together in the parking lot to encourage tomfoolery and mumble chatter.  Critical to any workout.  Stations did AMRAP exercises until sled returned, then rotate.  This timing was varied….my ass took forever….Geppetto and Cutlass ran like gazelles dragging that damn sled.  The Heavy at the Mutt continues to get better and more organized, and the numbers are looking stronger every Wednesday.  Special thanks to the boys that helped me get set up early, you know who you HIM are.

** Step up to be a site Q.  Its fun, easy, and a great way to get more involved with F3LOU.  You will get all the help you need.  Sign up to Q a WO.  Just sign up and ask for help!

** COR, NOR, COT.  I closed with some words.  Let’s live with gratitude, with humility, and with purpose.  A pleasure to lead.  Glad we didn’t run today.

~ Adios muchachos.  Old Bay out.


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