PreBlast – 4 Part Series – The Firehouse BlackOps – PWVFD – Thursday Oct 3.

Do you come out week after week, or month after month, and wonder  how much better you are getting?  Now that IronPax has finished up, the BlackOps at The Firehouse turns its attention to a continuous improvement program…and a little motivation to keep you going through the holidays.

This will be a program that occurs the first Thursday of Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan.

On October 3, you set your baseline.  On each subsequent first Thursday of the month, you test your time/reps.  The ultimate goal is to be better on January 2 than you are on October 3.

The layout will be the same each of the 4 weeks:

  • COP
  • Max Squats in 2 Min
  • 1 MIN break
  • Max T-Merkins in 2 Min
  • 1 Min Break
  • Max Big Boys in 2 Min
  • 2 Min Break
  • Run either 1 mile or 2 miles (you choose your program and stay with it for the 3 months)
  • Upon Return from the Run, you hit the ladder.
    • 20 Airpress (Coupon Optional)
    • 20 Squats (Coupon Optional)
    • 20 curb dips
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Calf Raises
  • Rinse & Repeat until time is called.

Scorecard Example

62 Squats

42 T Merkins

48 Big Boys

1 Mile Run in 10:32

184 Ladder Reps (that means you went one whole cycle all the way through and made it through 4 calf raises on the second round)

There are no leaderboards. It is truly You v You. I will have post cards each of the 4 weeks we do this and you can track your improvement. The goal is to improve on each area in subsequent months.

If you need help with how to progress in these areas, check out Abacus’s blog,, as he will be posting content for improvement plans. 

Come out Thursdays Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5 and Jan 2 and get better!!


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