Diablo #BackBlast from Big Mo Heavy at The Vet 9/30/19

Q: Diablo

PAX; (11) Carlos’e, Plumb Bob, Short Bus, Atlas, Whitney, Zipline, Meatball, Yoshi, Flounder, Dynomite, Diablo

Intro: YHC pinch hit for our man Worm, who gave us all the best example by putting 2.0’s and family first this morning. That’s a HIM. Getting the call from the bench on Sunday afternoon, I quickly loaded some toys from the workshop into the trunk (see pic) for an old school yard-style workout. Here’s what we did:

Warm up:

Plank Jacks 25 IC

Flutter Kicks 25 IC

The Rotation:

50lb dumbbell farmer walk, mixed in with 20 booyah merkins with partner at the halfway point. This movement pushed the rotation. During all movements, the partner who was not on the weight performed AMRAP deep air squats. Partners switched, rinsed & repeated until HIMs on Farmer Walk returned. Those next movements included:

1. 45lb wheel Merkins (10 reps)

2. 25lb dumbbell curls (20 reps)

3. 30lb KB Step Back Lung & Twist (20 reps)

4. Coupon thrusters (10 reps)

5. AB wheel roller (10 reps)

6. 20lb DB Shoulder Press (20 reps)

7. Resistance Band Rows (20 reps)

After we made it through a full rotation, PAX next circled up for a real COP, which included:

Plank mixed with on demand T Merkins

Weighted flutter kicks (20 IC)

American Hammers (25 IC)

Weighted Rosalitas (20 IC)

Weighted American Hammers (20 IC)

Lots of dead bodies after that! And, shout out to Yoshi for grabbing the 50lb dumbbell with me for those last weighted sets.

COT: PAX then up for COR, NOR, announcements, and intentions.

Q Note: I like the workouts when we’re all together pushing each other. This morning was good example of that. It also allowed me to notice the progress some of our PAX are making. Flounder has leaned up but seems even stronger; Meatball is getting legit strong; Carlos’e is reaching Machine level; Atlas is moving at an entirely different speed; Short Bus and Yoshi were killing it on form this morning and are future leaders; Dynomite kept his ruck on for all of it, something he may not have been able to do a few months ago; Plumb Bob was repping out weighted merkins even when his arms were shaking; Zipline modified to add even more difficulty to some movements; Whitney has already busted through his comfort zone and was pushing al of us. I loved all of it.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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