Backblast 09.26.2019 PK the Extender at the Mutt


The Mutt guys are getting things down to an exact science.  Sump Pump locked me into Q earlier in the month when he passed me the clipboard to sign up.  Then as time was nearing 5:30, it appeared that it was only going to be 3 guys.  Without fail, 5:29 the rest of the group skidded into the parking lot ready to go.  The weather was a hot and humid 75 degrees, and the plan to get our sweat on was going to be easily achieved.  5:30 arrived, and we had 9 HIMs ready to get after it, and one lone warrior working on the IronPax up on the soccer fields (Pope). I gave my disclaimer, that I am by no means a professional, and people were to modify as needed.

PAX: No Show, Tiger, Sump Pump, Fridge, Blue Print, Wham-O, Soft Top, Noxema Jackson, PK (Q)

As everyone was ready, quickly began to warm-up right there by where the flag usually goes.

Legs together Toe Touches (10 second hold)

Downward Dog (10 second hold)

Runners Stretch (10 second hold) each side

Arm raised to the sky while in runner stretch (10 second hold) each side

12 Grass Grabbers

12 Abe Vigodas

24 Imperial Walkers

48 SSHs ( I had originally planned on 100 of these bad boys, but the PAX looked like they wanted something else)  Sorry to say I had more jumping planned for the workout.

We had 9 HIMs, which worked out well for the routine.  Split into three groups.  Each group will perform the workout at their station, with one group moving and tagging the next group to move onto another station.

Group 1 works out for the round until the next group relieves them, then they proceed to the next station, and so forth.  The first group was going to get a coupon and start working at the first Station behind the school.  They were going to AMRAP their choice of exercises for their respective rounds.

Round 1: Manmakers/ Coupon Squats

Round 2: Coupon Swings/ Coupon Lunges

Round 3: Curls/ Bent Over Rows

Group 2 was the Jump Rope station.  I enjoy jumping rope, sorry (not sorry).

Group 2: Jump Rope, nuff said

Group 3: Bear Crawl through the grass in front of the school, run the small parking lot, Bear Crawl through the next grassy area, Run to station 1

Ultimately, it was hot, people need to pick up their dog crap in the grass area at the Mutt, and it appears that jumping rope, may be a lost art to some.  After the three rounds were completed, we had just enough time to try something that I thought was new, but Sump Pump said he had done it before.

Partner coupon passes.  Staying in our groups of 3, we stood back to back and passed the coupon to our partner to the right for 1:30 seconds.  Then reversed and passed to the left for the next 1:30 seconds.  Worked on engaging the core and twisting with the coupon.  Then staying in our groups, two members of the group did Ace and Gary for 1 minute while the other group member held the coupon overhead while performing flutter kicks.  Rotate so everyone has a turn, and then time was called.

We circled up near where the flag would have been and did Name-O-Rama, announcements, and intentions.  I am very thankful to have picked up and signed the clipboard.  To often, I only see the guys at my local AO, and meeting different PAX, experiencing other AOs, being a part of their banter, and trash talk is part of what makes this group so special.  Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing more of you HIMs in the Gloom soon.



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