BB from the Fog, 10/5/19

Haven’t been in the Fog for a while, and was happy when the Q spot came open late Friday afternoon. Let’s run, fellas.

PAX: PK, Gypsy, Double Down (R), Mr. Kotter, Latex, Stickem, SweetTart, Huggies, Iceman (R), Retainer (QIC).

Moseyed to the Water Fountain for the COP. 20 SSH’s, 15 merkins, 20 grass grabbers, 15 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 15 merkins, then another 15 merkins, leading into runner stretches.

THANG ONE: 80m Fartleks.

I’d preset cones leading from the water fountain out over the pond. PAX partnered up and ran 4 sets of Fartleks. 80 meters at 80% of your fastest sprint, mosey to rest for 40 meters, then 80/40/80. This will wear you out, and we were all gassed by 0730.

THANG TWO: Partner assisted coupon and rope.

Each partner group got a coupon and a jump rope. Partner 1 worked the rope while Partner 2 did coupon work. Switch, rinse, repeat.

Partner 1 did 25 Burpees, 25 merkins, 25 shoulder taps, 25 MC’s, 20 BBs with coupon, 20 Merkins with partner assisted coupon on the back, 20 American Hammers with coupon, 20 BBs with coupon, 25 thrusters, 25 curls, and 25 rows on each row.

COM: Moseyed to the flags, ignored Iceman comments about the competing women’s Yoga club, and did alternating planks, merkins, and BBs until time was called.

COR, NOR, Intentions. Prayers for this group of fine men.

Retainer out.

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