Back Blast Tuesday 10/8/19 – Nickels & Dimes @ Peggy Baker BO with Dauber

It was a perfect morning at Peggy Baker Park with a chill in the air (temperature in the 40s), light fog, and 8 HIMs getting after it with high-tempo rounds of Nickels and Dimes.  This was my second Q and I continue to be grateful for the PAX and am humbled to lead.  Opened with a quick thanks to the PAX for motivating the Q both in the first F as well as the second and third F.  Disclaimer was given and confirmed. PAX:  Gisele, Bulletin (R), Flip Flop, Cochran, Abacus, Leprechaun, Captain Crunchberry, Dauber (Q)

Warm up started with a mosey to the COP at the Peggy Baker concession stand. COP:  20x SSH;  Kendra Newmans;  Michael Phelps;  15x Mountain Climbers;  Downward Dog w/ Cobra;  10x SSH for good measure since the air was cool

Base of operation for the Main Thang remained at the concession area which provided the equipment needed for our alternating rounds of Triple Nickels and Double Dimes:

Triple Nickels (5 reps of exercise, run, 5 reps of other exercise, repeat 5 times)… Alternating with … Double Dimes (10 reps of exercise, run, 10 reps of other exercise, repeat 2 times)

The pace was fast and we completed three rounds of triple nickels and two rounds of double dimes with interval running as follows:

Triple Nickel – 25 Burpees; 25 Squats  /  Ran a Lap (YHC failed to measure the distance in advance, so we will just call it a “Peggy Baker Lap”)

Double Dime – 20 Jump Lunges (counting one leg); 20 Big Boy Sit Ups  /  Triple Nickel – 25 Derkins; 25 Jump Squats  /  Ran a Peggy Baker Lap

Double Dime -20 Dips; 20 Groiners  /  Triple Nickel – 25 Box Jumps; 25 T-Merkins  /  Ran a Peggy Baker Lap which was extended back to the front of the park where we wrapped up with a round of Mary

Mary:  Gas Pumps, American Hammers, Reverse BBSUs (Thanks for that extra pain Bulletin!), Box Cutters, Pickle Pounders, J-Los

The PAX gathered in the COT for CoR, NoR, announcements, and intentions.  A special call out given to Bulletin for his humble leadership and selflessness…the epitome of a HIM.  We ended with a Hail Mary.  Once again it was an honor to lead. – Dauber

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