BBlast – 10/9/19 @The Foundry (heavy) @THE COUNTY. W/ WILDflower

Had 9 HIM’s out for another perfectly crisp fall morning. I hope this weather lasts a lot longer than last years fall season!
PAX – Peach, Alexa, Crock Pot, Uncle Sam (R), Cardigan, Double Down (R), Gilligan, Pelican, WILDflower (Q)
Warmup (COP)

SSH 30 (IC)

Imperial walkers 15 (IC)
Kendra OYO
Pulse squats 20 (IC)
Merkins 15 (IC)
Low plank 60 second hold
Mosey to get coupons….
THANG….we parterned up
Partner 1 – Pull ups – 30 (partner 2 SUMO pulse squats w/ coupon AMRAP)…then switch
P1 – Derkins 20 (normal stance) – 20 (wide stance with fingers pointed out) (P2 lat row w/ coupon AMRAP)…switch
P1 Coupon press (30) (P2 Big boys AMRAP)…switch
Both Bearcrawl together to dumpster/ mosey back
Both Hold low plank together for 60 seconds
Rinse n repeat x2
COT – we all gave Alexa some words of encouragement for his upcoming FULL Ironman this weekend. Many prayers up for him in this monstrous journey! Last night we got some incredible news from Rocky about his quarterly MRI results being 100% clear. Praise GOD! The HIM’s of F3 and the accountability that goes along with it has changed my life forever. Eternally grateful to get in the Gloom with you Gents every week!
WILDflower out…Peace.

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