BB Thursday 10/10 The Agony @ The County -Backflop Q

It was great to get out and Q again @ The County. I’m always trying to think of creative/different ways to change it up for the WO. I find myself wanting to incorporate lights into the WO’s and there is good reason for that (see below for COT message).

Today, the 12 PAX embarked on a journey that proved difficult, but oh so fulfilling when the work was accomplished.

Weather – 51 degrees, partly cloudy and dark as sin at 0530

PAX – Mama’s Boy, Pelican, Asian Zing (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Mudbug, Dauber, Wildflower, Dutch Oven, Cochran, Leprechaun, Peach, Backflop Q

F3 Disclaimer – I’m not a professional, you’re here on you’re own free will, every exercise is merely a suggestion and please modify as necessary

Mosey around to front of school parking lot

COR – 30 SSH in cadence, 15 Grass grabbers in cadence, 15 Toy Soldiers in cadence, Downward dog (right over left, left over right), kinda Newman’s (front/back), Michael Phelps and quad stretches left and right legs.


Split the 12 PAX up into 2 groups of 6 HIMs. The WO was a designed Native American run where the PAX run in a line. The HIM at the end of the line sprints up to become the leader of the line. This motion is repeated with the next HIM in the back replaces the leader of the line. So on and so forth.

Each group of 6 HIMs had one person carry a small LED lantern light. Once the person carrying the lantern light cycles through the line using the Native American running style, the PAX then stops to perform an exercise. Once the exercise is completed, the PAX starts the Native American run again until the person holding the LED lantern light cycles back through the line. Every time the person with the LED lantern light cycles through the line, the PAX stop to perform the next exercise. Stop, rinse, repeat.

This WO was designed to put the HIMs in constant movement and very much a team thang!

With this being said, the rotation of exercises performed through this Native American style run are below. We started with 10 reps per exercise and increased the reps by 5 per exercise once the complete set was finished. Each group of 6 PAX made it through ~ 10, 15 and 20 reps of each set (well, almost through 20 reps of each set…ha!).

Native American run – start

Light cycle #1 – Merkins

Light cycle #2 – Big boys

Light cycle #3 – Lunges

Light cycle #4 – Burpees

Light cycle #5 – Squats

Light cycle #6 – gas pumps

We wrapped up at 6:10AM

Circled back around for some Mary – 20 American Hammers, 20 LBCs, 20 pickle pounders, 20 flutter kicks and 30 second plank to finish it off.


Announcements – Alexa running iron man this Saturday, Mama mentioned Beer Ruck on the 18th of Oct.

COT, as I put the LED lights at the foot of the flag, I explained to the PAX that we should be the light, be different in a positive way and carry this bright light into our daily activities. Better husbands, fathers, sons, etc. There is something about a bright light in the darkness, IT CANT BE IGNORED…be that LIGHT for people to see.

We ended with an Our Father.

I am pumped for the next Q! Till then, peace out.

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