10.10.19 Cloverfield@ El Jardín- Back Blast

Third week of August. Nice and Slow says the Garden needs Q’s. Is say, “sign me up!” N&S says the first open date is in October. Uh? October? What?! You know September comes after August, right? Thought you said you needed Q’s?! Pretty sure my calendar’s wide open. Still…sign me up! Well, I guess once you leave The Garden, you’re dying to get back in…and lead! Nice job Men on such a successful Starfish!!! Suffice it to say, Time is both a blessing and a curse. In true BigBird fashion, YHC would be thinking about it, but wouldn’t truly put pen and paper to his wienke until about 14hrs prior. A little Recon mission on Tuesday evening helped me to realize all that the Garden has to offer and all that I had not yet explored. Let’s do it! Won’t you do it with me HIM?

Beast PAX on this day: Gypsy, Domino, Uncle Rico, Swifty, Huggies, Holler, Minnow, Fructose, Blankman, Husky, SweetTart, Mr. Roper, BigBird-Q

It would be a brisk, perfect Thursday morning with the pungent smell of one of LePew’s kin close by. All good. Sounds like Fructose is ready to take ownership.

A little mumble chatter as 0530 approached. Said disclaimer and notified the PAX as to who I was, who brought me out and only part of the story of how I got my name….LET’s GET IT ON!

Started with a Mosey around the parking lot before COP: SSH, Hillbilly squats, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch and into Cobra, Michael Phelps.

The Thang: we would work around the whole campus. At the hill right inside the entrance is where we would begin. All out sprint for about 80 yards, Bear crawl from there, up about 80 yards, Bernie Sanders from there and up about 80 yards and then mosey to the top playground.

3 sets of 10-pull-ups and jump lunges; set of flutter kicks

Mosey to the bottom of the hill where the coupons were there waiting for us. 3 sets of 10-curls, tricep press and thrusters. We would do two sets OYÓ and set #3 we would do together.

Return coupons and short mosey to the picnic tables. 3 sets of 10-incline diamond merkins, dips, box jumps. We would once again do the 3rd set together. Get in a set of DaVincent’s

Mosey to the lot and do a 50 Meter All Out then 10 merkins rinse and repeat twice more.


Next we would play the song Praise You by Fatboy Slim. We would SSH for the entirety of the 4 minute song, dropping for a burpee after each time we heard “Praise You.”

Bit of time left over for some MARY. PAX would call out the exercises. T Claps to Domino for the rope grab.

Circled up for COR, NOR & COT Holler was the 6 and we learned not only who HL’d him and the origin of his name but also the credit he has not been receiving for posting because his name is HOLLER as in the hills of Eastern Kentucky not hollar or holla like “hey you!”

Made some announcements and said some intentions. Gave thanks to the PAX for making me better and to The Sky Q for another day.

Until next time…


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