BB 10-15-19 Holler VQ The Cliffs @ The Gardens

PAX-Huggies/Cowboy/Fructose/Domino/Latex/Milton/FNG Jump Seat/Catfish/Minnow/Blankman/Husky/Uncle Rico/Nino

Being my VQ and knowing how much I hate “The Hill Of Forgotten Souls” I stuck to the low laying area AKA Holler at the bottom for my Q.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of posting at many AOs and seeing some great Qs. So I took their styles into consideration when planning my own.

I blended in Mary into the middle of the station work to get a true full body beat down. 6 total stations with your coupon by your side for the whole duration. 4 total rounds to complete.


Warm UP


15 GG


Mosey Over To Grab Coupons

Meet back at 1st of 6 total stations to give PAX DL on what’s ahead. First rule “Never Leave Your Coupon Behind”

4 rounds to be completed total of 660 reps involved. 

Station 1

Merkins 30

Coupon bear crawl to station 2

Station 2

A:Big Boys 30

B:Flutter Kicks 30 

Coupon lunges to station 3

Station 3

Man Makers 15

Overhead coupon mosey to station 4

Station 4

Coupon press 30

Coupon lunges to station 5

Station 5

A:LBC 30

B:Shoulderr Taps 30

Coupon bear crawl to station 6

Station 6

Coupon squats 30

Overhead coupon mosey to station 1 

Rinse and Repeat 

Mosey to put coupons away then back to flag. Name O Rama had FNG come into middle and welcomed Jump Seat.

Announcements, COT, and  ended with our father. 

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