BB 10/16/19 Cowbell heavy Q.

PAX 9, Geppetto, My Boy Blue, Sump Pump, Back draft,Pepperoni, Old Bay, Fridge, Glen Ross,Cowbell. Weather…crap 50 light rain, wind chill 40. Disclaimer given, mosey around the reflection path for a quick warm up. Circle up for Kendra Newman’s, side straddle hops, cobra, runners stretch. Everyone partnered up. Thang 1 , dumbbell curls, hammer curls,dumbbell plate curls, thang 2 plate squeezers (guaranteed bigger pecs with this excersise) thang 3 forearm curls, thang 4 butterfly raises, thang 5 kettle bell squats, thang 6, tire pull across parking lot, thang 7 coupon farmer carries. Thang 8 battle ropes. Rinse and repeat. After the first 10 minutes the rain picked up for a few mins, and made us wetter, and tougher, but mostly more wet. Circle up, thanked the PAX for a good turn out on a rainey morning. Staying in bed would have been the easy decision. We all got mentally and physically stronger. Closed out with an Our Father.

– Cowbell

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