10/23 Backblast TheBlender #GhostKilo

Drinking some morning coffee while cruising around in a small plane.
Buschhhh has a funny joke about a pilot and his coffee.  Among other things…. 

When Backdraft asked me to Q theBlender during GhostQ week, I was all over it.  These heavy Qs are my favorite, because they give you the opportunity to get creative in how you split the pax, how long the intervals are, and which muscle groups you’d like to focus on.  I was excited to test out some of the new pain products developed by theMutts and add a couple of my own.


Geppetto, Larry Flint, OJ, PlumbBob, CHapo, McAfee, Captain Insano, Old Bay, Buschhhhh, SumpPUmp, PorkCHop, Glenn ROss, Fridge, SpreadSheet!!!!!, PED, KiloQ



Quick stretch with the normal right over left, left over right arms and leg stretch some downward dog and cobra.  CI made sure that I stopped the yoga before I earn a reputation much like him.  YogiCI.

This is when I asked for a joke from a few pax.  Old Bay had a decent one, but Buschhhh made me laugh.  You’ll have to ask him, because like most things that come out of Buschhhsss mouth, they cant be repeated here.


Da Circuit

Split into groups of 4 (I was lucky we had 16).  PERFECT!!!

each station was 3:30 minutes

1. Sandbag clean and toss

2. Shoulder to shoulder raise with fence post and 50lb bucket

3. Coupon plank pull through

4. Kettle bell squat thrust.

5. Coupon lunge walk

6.  Mutt Sled Bernie sanders

we were able to make it through 1.5 times through this circuit.



TaPs for Meatballs mother, Chapos father having surgery, Geppetto leading young boys and girls on a mission trip.

Left the pax with a thought to be more intentional in their relationship with their M. To focus on meeting her needs, even if our needs aren’t being met.  When we are intentional about this, it will come back around.  You get out of marriage what you put in.

I love the Mutt, this is true.  I love the Mutt and you should too.

All my love,


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