BB – 10.25.2019 Wisteria Lane Strikes Again! PK


PAX: Bulletin, Zima, Deep Dish, Leprechaun, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Stick Up, Viking, Soft Top, Gilligan, Dauber, Cracthit, Gisele, LuLaRue, Captain Crunchberry, Jolly Rancher, Meathead, Woooo, PK

Ghost Q week has been fun.  The shenanigans this week have further reminded me that there is more to F3 than just the workout.  Jolly Rancher let me have the opportunity to be Ghost Q out at Wisteria.  As Friday is the Chopper at Vets, I have not made it out to Wisteria much.  I attended a couple of classic workouts there, a Noxema Jackson Q in April where I got my burpee high on, a running labyrinth with Grinder where I thought we got lost, and a box jumps bonanza in the amphitheater.  Whatever we were going to do, hopefully it would be as memorable as those.

I arrived a bit early to set up, but wanted to keep the mystery of who the Ghost Q, so I parked off in the neighborhood and waited.  I spied a few F3 cars roll by, told myself to wait a bit longer.  At 5:24, I walked up to the group.  The PAX numbers were strong today. This is going to be fun.  Good mumble chatter, Viking walks up next to me and says, “You think I should pretend to be the Q?  What do you think the Ghost Q will do? That would be hilarious.”  I said, “I don’t know, go for it, it will be awesome.”  5:30 I step up, and give my disclaimer.

Time to mosey to Stonehenge for the COP.

20 SSHs in cadence

20 Finkle Swings (10 each leg) in cadence

20 Imperial Walker Squats in cadence

10 Monkey Humpers in cadence

From there we counted off into two teams.  Team 1 and Team 2, where we moseyed down to the Meeting Street Island Course Challenge

Teams sprinted from the start line to the fountain.  Runners began with a 5 second break between each.  When the runner reached the islands they did the reps and exercise labeled.

Island 1 – 20 Box Jumps on the way down, 20 Decline Merkins on the way back up

Island 2 – 20 Dips on the way down, and 20 Squats, butt has to touch the island (get low tall people)

Island 3 – 20 Incline Merkins on the way down, 20 Box Jumps on the way back up

Then Sprint from the fountain to the finish line.

The first round of box jumps claimed a victim, the Ghost Q had claimed the blood promised in the preblast.  Nothing too bad, our PAX is strong and he soldiered on.  Once everyone completed the course, they were informed the practice round was complete.  Go round again, better, faster, stronger.

After round 2,  we kept the teams together for a mosey to the amphitheater, double applesauce style.  Two lines, six sprints to the front, calls out Go to signal the next to begin their sprint.

As everyone gets on stage, I turned on my karaoke machine, with disco ball.  I think a couple of the PAX have been to a Q where I had lead thang 2, plus, if they looked at the printouts on the islands they may have guessed what was coming up next.

Gutbusters- Hold plank during the song Ghostbusters.  Plankjack when you hear “I ain’t afraid on no ghost” and burpee when they say “Ghostbusters!”

Finished with a round of Captain Thor’s (1:4 ratio Big Boy sit ups with American Hammers).  Then onto Absolution. It is an 8 count exercise.  Start in Plank, move to elbows(1-2), groiner (3-4), plank jack (5-6), return to full plank (7-8).  Repeat 10 times.

This Ghost Q held true to his promise and saw blood, sweat, and tears in the gloom.  Well maybe not real tears, but you could see that some HIMs were crying internally.

Wisteria is its own special place.  I have attended a few workouts there in the past, and it has untapped potential all around.  Not being a regular, I tried to expand the norms and test out some other areas of the neighborhood.   I look forward for the opportunity to Q here again, and see how it grows.  If you haven’t made the trip, get out there.  If you haven’t Q’d there, get up and do it.  Sad Clowns don’t just exist outside of F3.  Don’t just go through the motions, step up and lead.



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