10.28.19 – BB: BO @ the O

Pax (11): Pork Chop, PED, Fall Guy, Backdraft, Pope, Blueprint, Glenn Ross, Tammy Faye Baker, Buschh, Vincent (R ), Fergie (Q)

Weather: Low 50s/high 40s. Dry-ish.

We’ve had a pretty good run on our BO @ the O, and a pretty consistent group each week (with around 5-7 Pax coming out each week). This morning was 11, which was great to see. At 5:30, the disclaimer was given, and we spent the next 1-2 minutes doing some stretching OYO before our quick warm-up lap.



We took off for a lap *(1.2 mi) around the park, with 4 stops along the way for; SSH * 51, Grass Grabbers * 10, Imperial Squat Walkers * 15, and some arms circles / michael phelps.


Thang 2

I had aligned cones on the tennis courts, each about 10-12 yards apart and at an angle. Think of an M and a W stacked on each other and connected at the 2 points. We divided into 2 groups starting on opposite sides. Working along the lines of the W (or M) forward to backward, we bear-crawled to the center, 1 boo-yah merkin, then crawl-beared back for 2 merkins, bear crawl forward for 3 boo-yah merkins, then crawl bear back for 4 merkins. Then, a GIAYG down (about 3 tennis courts) and back (4 tennis courts). Repeat. I think we did 4-5 rounds. I tried to mix up the routine with some burpees and reverse burpees, but quickly changed gears.


Thang 3

I then asked the PAX to join me by the bathrooms, but had to clarify our destination to be the wall just outside the bathrooms. On 30 on / 10 off intervals, we did AMRAP wall jumps, step ups, and single leg dips. We completed 4-5 rounds. To get our money’s worth on the 45 minutes, we closed with a few rounds of irkins, derkins and dips.

Time was called, and we moseyed back to the flag.



Circle up. CoR, NoR. Announcements were made. Intentions were given for family and friends struggling with illness.

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