BackBlast – The Chopper 11/1 Vincent

It was a crisp morning on Friday but the chill was taken care of pretty quickly.  13 PAX joined me at the Chopper for a Merkin/running ladder.  Zip Line, Deep Dish, Meatball, Tony Malito, Sweet Tart, Jinxy, Meathead, Socket, Dynomite, Ripple, Stick UP, Yoshi, Lady Bird and Vincent(Q) worked our way through simple but effective plan.  We started with basic COP – SSH’s, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Walkers before we started a merkin/lap ladder.  We started with 20 merkins and ran a lap around the monument.  Merkins increased by 20 and we added a lap each time going up to 100 merkins and 4 laps before we went back down the ladder.  Here’s how it looked on paper:

20 merkins – 1 lap, 40 merkins – 2 laps, 60 merkins – 3 laps, 80 merkins – 4 laps, 100 merkins – 4 laps, 80 merkins – 3 laps, 60 merkins – 2 laps, 40 merkins – 1 lap, 20 merkins.

For those of you counting that is 500 merkins and 20 laps.  We finished with Mary on the play ground and back to the circle for count, nam-o-rama and COT.  I always enjoy leading at the Vet and the HIM’s that give it their all.  Until next time – SYITG


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