Backblast TheFog 11/16/19

This was clear back to last Saturday; to the best of my recollection this is what happened:

PAX-  Iceman COQ, Jitterbug COQ, Drysdale, Tenderfoot, Mr. Kotter, Wapner, Harbaugh, Ladybird (R)

COP-  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Workers, Kendra Newmans, Stretching, Threw in a few Merkins and Mountain Climbers at the end

Thang 1- Short Mosey and ended up at the Egg Lawn.  Decided we would go thru a Blimps Circuit.  Move around at each .10 Marker do an exercise. Burpee, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plankjacks, and SSH.  Marker to Marker we Moseyed, Bernied, and a few other things.  Threw in a few more Burpees at the Last Marker.

Then Iceman turned up the HEAT.

Thang 2- Tabata on “Ice”  Ice set up a variety of stations for us to work thru and he brought some toys…. Curl Bar, Hand Weights, and of course Cones. 8 stations in all.  They were brutal,  30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, rinse and repeat, etc for what seemed like an awfully long time.  When I thought it might be over he changed it up: now all we had to do after we went threw the Circuit once was do a lap around the parking lot.  (woof).  In true form he saved enough time for 5 minutes of Mary

COR, NOR, and Intentions.  Always a pleasure and honor to lead this group, and more fun with the Iceman

Jitterbug Out!

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