PB: The Foundry 11.20.19

Always tried to be a cool kid at the playground so I was certainly excited as it was my first heavy Q.

Weather: 40’s clearing skies after overnight showers.  

Pax (11): Uncle Sam, Backflop, Flip flop, Leprechaun, Crockpot Meter Maid, Gilligan, Pelican, Brown Water, DeVito, Gisele (Q)

Started out with a disclaimer that I am not a professional, anything I say and do is merely a suggestion, please modify as needed..aye? After the disclaimer a quick stroll to get some coupons, bring to the overhang of the back door of the school and circle up for some COP and stretching.

25 SSH

Michael Phelps

And some Downward Dog

Now it was time for the Main Thang…Tabata!

9 exercises, 4 minute rounds, with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off with 30 seconds in between each round.

  1. Curls
  2. Big Boys
  3. Step Ups of Box Jumps
  4. Squats
  5. Rows
  6. Overhead Press
  7. American Hammers
  8. Dips
  9. Man Makers (only 1:30 minutes worth to finish strong)

Alight so that would be boring so the 80’s rock was strong: ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, Queen.

6:15 Coupons away and time for intentions: We are continued to be amazed by Bulletin, how strong his sister has been since receiving her new kidney and praying for their recovery. After announcements my message today was about GRIT. Working out in the morning waking up early doesn’t just happen, it is a habit. That habit is formed by Grit. The ability to push yourself to get better, the passion and perseverance to put a long term goal in front of you and overcome obstacles. It takes tenacity to reach full potential and grit to work hard to get there. Unlock not just the grit inside you but the grit inside others.  

Until next time Gisele out!

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