Back Blast-Black Friday Ops @ The County 11.29.19 Pelican Q

I wanted to put a BlackOps on the calendar for Black Friday as I figured I wasn’t going to be able to get up for 5:30 AM workout the day after Thanksgiving. Also I was having serious JOMO around missing burpee football at the County so I could allow time for that at the end.


Ice Man (R)

Jitterbug (R), Scrum-FNG (R),Sump Pump, Rocky, Backflop, Cratchit, Brown Water, Meter Maid, and Pelican (Q)

Gave the disclaimer and did a quick mosey to the parking lot behind the chapel. There we circled up and got loose.

Grass grabbers-10x IC

Copperhead squats-10x IC

Toy solider-10x IC

Michael Phelps-OYO

Kendra Newman’s-OYO

Downward dog into R over L and then runners stretch, switch and repeat

Wanted to make this fairly simple with a lot of movement so we partnered up and did the following.

Max out set of merkins then Bernie sanders to dumpsters

Max out set of squats then MARIO to benched on the green space

Max out set of dips then mosey to playhouse

Max out set of box jumps then mosey all the way around to the chapel parking lot.

We partnered up so everyone had someone to do that last long mosey with and partake in some mumble chatter if you could. We made it through 3 rounds of max out sets and at least for me I probably had my reps cut in half as we progressed.

There was an hour on the calendar and this left us about 20 minutes for some burpee football. We split teams up by shirt color and I’ll just say both teams competed hard but one team did a lot more burpees. After all was said and done we logged 3+ miles as well.

No time for Mary so we circled up and named our FNG, announced the December ruck, welcomed Sump Pump to the county for the first time in his two years in F3(welcome back anytime) and got open invites to the Mutt. We said our intentions and called it a day. Thanks for the push this morning would have been easy for me to stay in bed today without my F3 brothers.

Until next time,


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