11/21/19 : BB – Mary BO

Pax (7): OJ, Glenn Ross, Deuce, Lionel, Fridge, PorkChop, Fergie (Q)

Weather: Can’t win em all. Rainy and low 50s.

As we stood around in the driving rain at 5:29, we decided a small audible to the plan was best. There was no way around getting wet in the 50 degree weather, but some mixed feelings about 45 minutes in it. So, we made our way to the aptly named Forcht Bank VIP Pavilion. We did a light COP under the roof with; SSH * 20, Squat jacks * 20, Grass Grabbers * 10.

Thang 1

Partner up. P1 begins sets totaling 100 dips, 100 merkins and 100 imperial squat walkers (4 count). P2 did 10 burpees. Rotate through completion.

Thang 2

The Mary Sue. No much to say about this one. Woof. I won’t give much description, as you’ll need to come out on a Friday to experience Mary Sue. We started on some 11s; at the top – lunges, bottom – groiners. We made 3-4 trips and, lacking the Q juice I needed for the day, called it quits. Mary Sue beat me. Beat me good. The rest of the HIMs were still powering up and down, but if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.

Just as well however, as we noticed a maintenance truck rolling along the cart path heading our way. Our time on Mary Sue was up anyway. We snuck away with about 10 minutes left.

Thang 3

Too much Mary already, so we instead closed with 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, repeat. Went 4-5 rounds to close things out.



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